Hey everyone,

On Thursday this week, ArcheAge: Unchained EU and NA servers will be offline for weekly scheduled server maintenance on December 5, 2019.

Downtime is expected to be about 3 hours for both EU and NA servers.

The times are as follows:
EU: 9:00 UTC on 12/5/2019 (Thursday) [COMPLETED]
NA: 8AM PST on 12/5/2019 (Thursday)

Weekly maintenance has been changed from Wednesdays to Thursdays to help accommodate the siege systems in game. Read more: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...ly-Maintenance

Changes This Patch:
The ArchePass on ArcheAge: Unchained will be enabled in its new iteration. Players are able to complete 12 missions weekly, and have up to 6 daily rerolls for missions. We will continue to gather feedback and make future iterations or changes as necessary. ArchePass missions have been revamped since launch.

New missions include:
  • Kill 500 of monsters regardless of zone (lvl 30+)
  • Kill 100 of hostile players
  • Kill 10 Higher Grade Monsters
  • Use 4000 Labor
  • Earn 2000 Vocation Badges
  • Earn 2000 Honor Points
  • Socket a Lunagem
  • Earn 1 million experience
  • Do 2 Blue Salt Bond Quests
  • Temper Equipment 5 times
  • Synthesize Equipment 5 times - This mission tracks the overall times an item is synthesized, not how many items are used as synthesis experience.

The ArchePass Upgrades will be available again in the marketplace and the ArchePass Diligence Coin Compensation will be removed as the ArchePass is being re-enabled.

~The ArcheAge Team


EU Maintenance:
[3:00 PM UTC] We're currently looking into the server issue.
Unfortunately, there is no ETA as of yet.
We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

[11:55] Unfortunately we have to extend the EU maintenance by approximately 1 hour.

[6:40] We're bringing the ArcheAge: Unchained EU servers back online following the recent downtime.

The ArchePass will be disabled when the servers come back online, as this was found to be the primary culprit in the crashing issues experience on the EU servers.
Once we are sure the servers are stable with the ArchePass is disabled, we will provide an additional claim of the 45 Diligence coin and 7 Labor Recharger compensation box. This will be added in a marketplace update once we have confirmed the servers are stable.

Thank you for your patience!

NA Maintenance:
[8:00 AM PST]
Due to the issues that happened earlier this day to the EU servers, we're postponing the NA ArcheAge: Unchained maintenance.
We'll share more information as soon as we have more solid information on the initial issues and will update again when the NA maintenance will be starting!