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Thread: Ghastly Pack is too strong

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    Ghastly Pack is too strong

    In Halcyona, a person named William on the Haranyan Faction was hitting 50k damage (before reduction) with Ghastly Pack, one-shotting the entire Nuian Alliance within 50 Meters. We were getting wiped by one player who had too much bonus damage in Ghastly Pack.

    Please set a hard cap of a maximum of 10 targets, and decrease the range to 30 meters, with a decrease to damage. It's an instant cast that hits too hard. And 90% of the time, in Halcy, you're going to be thrown in the air every 5 seconds from it.

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    It's an instant that needs preparation which far exceeds casted skills time wise, therefore deserves to be stronger than casted stuff. However I agree on the range, 50m sucks balls and I use it in Halcy all the time.
    Just move to the left or right of your raid and you'll never get sent flying.

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    The thing is, it's still 50,000 incoming damage. A player with seriously high GS will obviously slaughter people, but with a massive, clearing AoE like Ghastly Pack? That can hit nearly twice as far as an Archer's Snipe? It needs adjustment. There is no aiming. Just pointing in the general direction, and firing. The ability is waaay too overtuned, as I can't even oneshot most people with Fire Snipe - even if I stealth beforehand, use Deadeye and Steady Shooting, mark them with Stalker's Mark and Mirrored Light and hit them with one Blazing Arrow before firing. Sure, it can hit hard, but usually, it's evaded (I have 1.2k focus) blocked, parried, or it simply doesn't crit (41% crit rate, without crit rate boosting gems). And that's a single target attack. Ghastly Pack can never be evaded, blocked, parried - etc, because it's Magic, and hits nearly infinitely more targets than Snipe could ever dream of. I have 5.5k GS, it's not the best, but when I fail to kill someone with 4.5k GS with all of these buffs, it's kinda depressing.

    He ended up with MORE HONOR from kills and assists than he did from winning. He literally single-handedly carried the entire Haranya faction. The thing is, he could wipe the ENTIRE FRONTLINE every 40 seconds. A SINGLE PERSON. We even had Kooncoon on our team, he had nearly 9k GS, and even with his leadership, we couldn't do anything.

    William had over 180 kills, and 300 assists. This is stupid. Why play literally any other class in the game, when you could just dump everything into one attack and win every time?

    No skill should be this powerful. I have 50% magic damage reduction, and it still one-shot me from full health, along with half of our raid. Literally half. There is no counter to this. It couldn't one shot clothies, but it definitely did around 80% of their health.

    The "preperation" is 10 seconds. How much preperation is needed for me to do good damage with snipe?
    6 seconds in stealth, 2 seconds from casting dead eye, 3 seconds from applying debuffs, and 2.5 seconds from casting Fire Snipe. 13.5 Seconds to get less damage, and on a single target, too - that can be evaded, blocked, or parried, and is also the most resisted damage type in the game because everyone within range is going to be wearing Plate Armor or carrying a shield.

    Don't you ♥♥♥♥ing dare tell me that it deserves its broken damage because it takes 10 seconds to prepare.

    On top of that, if you want to talk about stupid powerful attacks for no reason, Sorcery has Arc Lightning. A single target nuke that can't be blocked, parried, or evaded, and can be cast every 8 seconds. In Arenas, playing an Archer against this is Cancer. Unless if you have tons of CC options from your other two trees, they'll just stand there and hard cast it, every time. Literally nothing you can do about it. It's sad that only Melees stand a chance against this, because they have good, built in CC.

    I seriously think that magic needs to be in the same situation as melee and ranged. Blockable, parryable, and evadable. Magic doesn't need Focus Gems. You're going to hit every time.

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    Halcyona wars are pretty much decided by who has more high GS malediction players and high GS engagers running defense.

    Defense spams walls to block LOS for all classes EXCEPT malediction, clumps up all the players.

    Malediction spams crashing waves and lions through the walls because they don't care about LOS.

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    Bumping to keep this on top.

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