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Thread: Disappointed with lack of care with events

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    Thumbs up Disappointed with lack of care with events

    What happened to the old days when the main towns would be decorated? Every event lately has just been the same old repeated events and no care about details. Other games, even really old ones, are decked to the nines for seasonal events and they have that magic about them. I'm beyond depressed with how things have gone. Booooo

    The decor items are all the same most of the time too... it's just so bland and stale. Games should evolve!!!

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    You cant even complete the current event
    As it is pvp based, only half the participants can ever get enough coins to get the bed.
    if you win you can get 9 coins per day and if you loose only 3 PER DAY

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    Same stuff as last year. Very disappointing. Send back those surveys and let them have it with the lazy events we have been getting in AA. What a joke. No wonder everyone is leaving.

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    True, im missing the xmas decorations in Maria and Solis.
    Even the xmas events arent in the open world anymore, this year only in the cross server arena. Not all ppl want to go the snowball arena. Even the cross servers arent stable, already before the patch, who thought it would be a great idea to put the only xmas event on the cross server?!.

    The events are getting depressing to my opinion, the open world spirit gets less with every patch by putting a lot of things in the cross server instances and neglecting the open world of AA.

    Im missing the old events a lot ! give us the old open AA world back !

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    Agree with comments - but its been a while now since any events were in the world so not holding my breath. (Bring back present box smashing! Best holiday event eva! xD).

    My guess is that non-instanced events are more resource intensive and the last few 'talk to npc' type events got poor feedback so.. they decided not to bother.

    Even with that, instances are broken on Kadum.. wish they would take more care with that :<

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    For now it looks like gamigo didnt give a duck about adding a good event. Same for last few events.

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    Can't complete the event? Can't even do it. Instances are broken on NA servers!

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    This is just an utter joke that devs aren't testing after a release, and KEEPING THE PLAYERS INFORMED about progress towards correcting it. They haven't even bothered to inform us that they know there is an issue.

    Compensation for 2 days of no instances should be max rewards for completing halcy x3 including labor pot, Hard FOHC, snowball x3, and why not throw in some other bonuses too. That is for each day of downtime, not just the once. You guys let loose the monkeys in the circus, so make it truly right. No one wants gift coins.

    The simplest solution, once this is working, is to give us that time back plus an extra week to complete. Can't farm infusions through instances so what good is the fairy in the hero halls? Can't farm snowballs so no decorations possible. If you can't send out the rewards for the missed instances through the game how about a good old fashioned double everything event INCLUDING REWARDS like labor recharges.

    I get the staff is limited but a simple bit of communications goes a long way with calming people down. Compensation takes the edge off the anger and people mass quitting on you.

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    Gamigo doesn't care about Legacy and ArcheAge in general.

    - Look the quality of their stream, it looks like a team of amateurs launching their first video game.

    - Look a simple announcement of an update, it simply does not exist. Gamigo sticks an update without to warn , without even talking about it, Gamigo is completely nonexistent as in their work. They are not even present on the forum, just to ban sensitive topics. Nothing shows that the game is followed and alive. Why keep playing. No announcement in general, no direct discussion with their team, no information on future updates, no notes, no dialogues, no ads, this game has been in the abyss for a long time and Gamigo will bury it.

    - Look at the non-existent support, 3 months to respond. No wonder the players leave the game. 3 months without response and when a member of the support responds, it sends you back to the forum that they do not use.

    - Look the bugs, glitch, goldsellers always present for too long, Gamigo knows it but it does not move because it does not know how to solve the problem so it lets their game rot.

    - Look the game events and activities. Nothing exists unless the community crie on the forum and when Gamigo decides without having the real desire to release an event, either it is obsolete or it does not work.

    - Look Gamigo nonexistent on ArcheAge. They are not even present on their own game, no GM, nothing. How do you want him to understand the problems of players and servers.

    Finally, since the arrival of Gamigo, the servers die and quickly. they stabilized the servers they poison every day, they are very stupid. If they are bad and want to do nothing, why buy ArcheAge. And then this year, the rotten outing of a failed remastering of an ArcheAge Unchained filled with bug and glitch. Result Gamigo is completely obsolete and is completely disconnected from ArcheAge and these problems.

    Gamigo is simply incompetent. LEAVE ARCHEAGE '' Kooncoon '' had always right.

    Sorry for my english, i'm bad as gamigo, you will forgive me

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    kooncoon is like a drug addict , he destroyed his gear many times and always get back to archeage ..he is sick n he need help , but please , don't take him as exemple !

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