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Thread: Infusion Event & Gear Disparity

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    Infusion Event & Gear Disparity

    Competition keeps things fun. I think events like this are great, but there needs to be a cut off. Allowing 20% on all tiers means the high geared folks with lots of gold to burn are getting even higher. Meanwhile the struggling casual player doesn't make much gains.

    We should see more events like this, but only applying to the first couple of tiers. One to two, or maybe even three, once tier four is released.

    Being constantly blocked from open world content by 9k-10k people isn't fun, just because you're sub 7k. It's the same problem Legacy has, that made folks quit. If you wanted to stay relevant, you had to cash up. Instead now for unchained, if you want competitive gear, you have have to either join the faction that snowballed at the beginning, or no-life the game. That's not healthy for the longevity of the game.

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    It doesn't matter, single account players/casual and multi accounts players gap will only widen.
    Theoretically, since it will only widen, it is better to just push people up the tier faster and by doing so then everybody will be equal.

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