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Thread: Shop Diligence update

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    Post Shop Diligence update

    We think of modifications and introductions, to improve the health of the servers and a boost to people do archepass, in this post we think that in the long run we don't want the game to end now, Of course your team will make better decisions than we do. It's just an idea we'd like:

    Stormwraith Kirin the price is like 800 - 1000 diligence;
    Soulmule price 800 - 1000 diligence;
    Steel lightning price 800 - 1000 diligence;
    Hellwing Pegasus price 800 - 1000 diligence;

    Sloth Glider price 600 - 800 diligence;
    Stormduster 1000 price 600- 800 diligence;
    Umbrella Magithopter price 600 - 800 diligence;

    Honor to Diligence (honor still):
    decrystallization Scroll price 50 - 80 diligence;

    Misc itens:
    Rousing Pajamas price 200 - 300 diligence; EACH PART
    More housing designs price ? diligence;
    Parrot Mailbox price 400 - 600 diligence;
    Anywhere Warehouse price 400 - 600 diligence;
    Personal parrot mailbox price 400 - 600 diligence;

    Activate power Stone Pets!

    If you have an idea, let us know, we'll put the ones you like most on the list.

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    With those prices it almost impossible to complete any of the Collection Achievments, also you should use the topic that Carendash created.
    6.2 when

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    Looking at those anti fun mounts and gliders...
    Get that ♥♥♥♥ out of my face, thanks. They completely ruin pvp and they can stay out of the game.

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    man those price are way to much. i want to get this mount before i get old. something like this is reasonable

    Stormwraith Kirin the price is like 500 - 600 diligence;
    Soulmule price 500- 600 diligence;
    Steel lightning price 500 - 600 diligence;
    Hellwing Pegasus price 500 - 600 diligence;

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