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Thread: Individual Character UI Settings, multi clients

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    Individual Character UI Settings, multi clients

    Individual Character UI Settings for when i load up multiple clients.

    whichever client i load first gets the saved settings, the rests UI shortcut bars are spread all over, unless i load that client first, then its fine. =/

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    Archeage's UI files are assigned dynamically according to login order, not per character like most other games (if you look at /Documents/Archeage you will see folders USER, USER1, USER2 and so on, representing the order you logged clients in).

    The workaround, if you are logging in more than one client in the same session after launching Glyph (regardless whether clients run concurrently or not), is:

    1. Open Glyph
    2. Login all your accounts in the order you want (you will need to replicate this so make a note of the order if you need)
    3. Set up the UI, chat etc how you want
    4. *IMPORTANT* On each client, exit to Character Selection so the settings are saved
    5. *IMPORTANT* Next time, login in the same order.

    This is not 100% bulletproof (eg if you crash and forget to restart Glyph before logging in again, the next logins will be treated as additional USERs and it will appear as though settings are reset to default). To fix that, log out and restart Glyph, then login as per step 5.

    Hope it helps.

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