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Thread: Decrystalization suggestion

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    Decrystalization suggestion

    Many people are annoyed with the 10k cost of decryst vs how often it crystalizes.
    Understandably, it is a necessary evil that things crystalize.
    May I suggest that we have crystalization as a timer, lets say 1-2 weeks? And that doesn't mean to remove the decryst scroll, that should stay for those who wish to hurry up the process.

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    Sounds pretty good actually.

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    That sounds perfect!! Crystalize scroll for weapons, can wait 1-2 weeks with progressing my belt or gloves, np

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    Farm quill of knowledge's and your stuff won't crystalize

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    Not going to happen. That said, we will be seeing other types of changes many months from now. For example, in 6.5 we'll get updates like this one here:

    Most important aspect of that update to what you're referencing is:

    The Hiram dailies will be changed from being repeatable daily, to being repeatable weekly. The quests will reset on Monday. When changing from daily to weekly quests, the requirements for the quests were relaxed, but the overall rewards will be increased. More awakening scrolls will be available, and DECRYSTALLIZATION SCROLLS WILL BE ADDED TO THE REWARDS. These changes will be especially beneficial to new and returning players, who will be able to grow stronger at a much faster rate.

    However, with the change to weekly quests, there is the fact that daily raids will disappear. As these raids allow users who are not strong enough on their own to finish their quests, we don't not want daily raids to disappear entirely. As such, the quests in Eastern Hiram Mountains will stay as daily repeatable quests, with Sungold Fields/Reedwind/Exeloch/Diamond Shores/Western Hiram Mountains being the zones to transition to weekly quests.

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