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Thread: Insain tax multiplier for placing new land (Unchained)

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    Exclamation Insain tax multiplier for placing new land (Unchained)

    I have 2 pieces of land placed and went to go place down my third because the spot I wanted just opened up and I went to go place my third piece of land being a 16 and it is asking for 225 tax certs in Ahnimar with me being a Nuian. I tried placing a different one and it gave me the same issue at a different location.
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    Is anyone else getting this issue because it is preventing me from getting the land that I wand while it is open before someone else comes by and swoops it up...

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    If you have pre-paid taxes, that calculates into the cost for new land and makes it really high. Not sure of the calculation, but pre-paid taxes affect it in a bad way.

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    Does the new land that's placed at least have prepaid taxes then?

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    I've had this discussion too many times with different people over the years. Some understood it, others didn't and kept complaining.

    You have to pay taxes each week.
    Owning 1 or 2 properties has a normal tax rate.
    Owning more than 2 properties increases the tax rate tremendously.

    Imagine what happens when you prepay your 2 properties. You pay in advance at the normal tax rate.
    Now you want to place a 3rd property which increases your tax rate. However, you prepaid your taxes for the first and the second property at the normal rate.
    What happens when you want to place your 3rd property is the following: The system calculates what you should have paid for the 1st and 2nd property (increased tax rate) and substracts what you actually have paid (normal tax rate) and that amount is added on top of your new property.

    All of this simply means: You can't cheat this system by prepaying before you place a new property - but you are not punished for it either because it is designed in a fair way. You will only lose taxes if you decide to not keep one of the three properties within the time frame for which you have prepaid.
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    i must say i have lots of properties and its never been that high, on 1 account i have 2 toons they share taxes don't they making it higher but not as high as that, 3 houses 3x16 and 1 gazebo if it was near wat its charging u i'd say no way. i think u got an issue there.

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    Tax penalty rates for additional properties

    @Arantheal: No, only the first two (in the example given) are prepaid but it is now at the adjusted (higher) weekly rate.

    Bear in mind when you place a property you are paying 3 x the adjusted base weekly amount: 2 weeks as a deposit + 1 week normal tax. So in the example given, the third property is paid for 1 week at the adjusted (higher) rate.

    As Turambaredolas mentioned, the adjustment is due to the penalty tax rate (multiplier)* after your second property which increases the base weekly tax amount for all property on that account.

    You also need to consider the size of your existing properties. If they are larger, then their base weekly rate is higher and so is the 'adjustment' tax you are being asked for. Be aware that even an unbuilt 8x8 somewhere counts as a 'property' for tax calculation purposes.

    You can use a calculator like Archeage Tools https://archeage.mokulu.io/taxes to check the weekly tax rate before adding extra properties, then multiply the result by 3 to calculate the required deposit amount. Does not take prepayments into account.

    *To put some detail around this: (sorry table formatting is lost, but the left hand number is the total property count on the account, the % is the tax penalty rate).

    Deposit taxes PER PROPERTY
    #Properties PenaltyRate
    1 0%
    2 0%
    3 100%
    4 150%
    5 200%
    6 250%
    7 400%
    8 500%
    9 500%
    10 500%

    Source: Patch notes for update 3.0 http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?301389

    Note: tax rates are the same on all servers.

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