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Thread: Magic Classes Too Powerful, No Drawbacks - Precision Strike hits over 20k too easily

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    Magic Classes Too Powerful, No Drawbacks - Precision Strike hits over 20k too easily

    Oh my God, there is literally no drawback to playing a magic class. Oh boy, here comes more whining.
    >The best damage in the game.
    >Infinite amount of CC.
    >All magic-based support trees are hyper efficient if you run magic.
    >Intelligence gives the same amount of Evasion as Agility.
    >Can't be blocked, Parried, or Evaded.
    >Doesn't need to put focus gems in, only damage gems.
    >Dominates the Arena.
    >Attack range is just 2 meters shorter than Base Archery Range (literally 6 feet) - which goes up to 25 meters with a two handed weapon. Archery's max range is 9 feet longer in full leather. This is an impossible to maintain deadzone in 90% of cases.

    How to Fix: Make it possible to evade magic, reduce the amount of evasion granted from Intelligence by 33%, add a new stat called Resist - that allows you to reduce incoming magic damage by 40%, that grows with Agility (magic counter stat). Allow Magic Shields to block magic spells for 60% damage reduction. Let Cloth Armor increase evasion chance by 3%, move the movement speed to leather armor. (If Intelligence Granted 17% evasion at 1000 int, this should drop it to 11.5% - with the +3% evasion with Cloth Armor, lowers their overall evasion chance by 3%.
    What this does: Forces Magic users to also grab Focus Gems, or have their attacks evaded, blocked, or resisted.

    Precision Strike's damage is absurd, and it's a better backstab than Shadowsmite in most cases. I was one-shot from full health with Leather armor on in a test against a Melee around the same Gear Score.

    It does 4x your melee damage, will nearly always crit, it does an extra 60% damage on a crit, and +37% extra damage on bleeding targets.

    If you have 1,000 Melee Attack, it will deal, at a minimum, 4000. On a backstab crit on bleeding targets (so, every target a Melee is focusing), it will deal a minimum of 4000 + 155% Melee Damage (5 Stacks of Attack Speed Training, battle focus is up) +10% (Weapon Mastery) = 11,500 damage, x 1.37 = 15,755. That's with no gems to increase critical damage. That's raw.

    Not to mention that 1,000 melee attack is >really< low. You can get that just from a weapon. No strength needed.

    I asked to duel a Melee who didn't have Precision Strike and used a Shield/ran Defense. It was an actual fun duel, as while they could still CC me, they couldn't one-shot me for no good reason.

    The game is better when the damage is low. It's actually fun. We were both pretty tanky, and the fight lasted much longer than 30 seconds easy. I duel them all the time, it's just so much better and interactive, and I actually get to do a full rotation that makes sense.

    By just cutting out a few things from Battlerage, it was fun to play against. Legitimately a good time. It wasn't, "Oh, I'm on the ground again. Welp, guess I'll have to duel them again and hope they don't catch me next time."

    I wish combat were more like that. But it'll never happen, not in a million years.

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    >The best damage in the game.
    Melee disagrees.

    >Infinite amount of CC.
    Again, no.

    >All magic-based support trees are hyper efficient if you run magic.
    Literally just as efficient as just going anything else, but k.

    >Intelligence gives the same amount of Evasion as Agility.
    So what? Shouldn't magic users have the right to have defensive stats?

    >Can't be blocked, Parried, or Evaded.
    It's based.

    >Doesn't need to put focus gems in, only damage gems.
    Literally just pointing out the same "issue" twice.

    >Dominates the Arena.
    git gud, archer.

    >Attack range is just 2 meters shorter than Base Archery Range (literally 6 feet) - which goes up to 25 meters with a two handed weapon. Archery's max range is 9 feet longer in full leather. This is an impossible to maintain deadzone in 90% of cases.
    You already gave away that youre a one button archer, but this argument is beyond pathetic.

    come back when you have real points to present aside from using the same arguments multiple times and just saying "it's like this because I say so". all you're doin here is basically just whining and asking for bad one button archer players to get buffs against the big evil magic users and melees because you refuse to properly learn your class and instead insist on pushing your one button attacks. stuff like "gimme a stat that counters magic and only scales on MY stat lol" or "nerf other armor type and add that bonus to MY armor type haha" pretty much takes all seriousness out of your post.

    just quit whining and learn to play.

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    I think the term you're trying to say in your overly aggressive post is "Git gud"

    And I do git gud. Very good. I know how to play my class well, you just sound mad because I'm pointing out that Magic has literally 0 downsides over other damage types in the game, and can outdamage most other classes. Malediction is a prime example of that, where the few skills that have a cast time are less than one second - negative Grasping Void. The only difference being is that they gain malice charges through Fury, or when receiving Critical Damage.

    "Melee disagrees."

    Melee in the early stages of the game vastly outweighs the lighter classes, but in late-game, it falls short. Its damage simply can't keep up. Mages dominate past 10k Gear Score. Archers rise up past 12k. Melee classes are just a stepping stone that will be squashed like the bug they are - albeit their only saving grace is their one-shot combo that they'll ride until the end of time.

    "Literally just as efficient as anything else"
    Hmm, it's almost as if... a player that's built on casting magic damage... will deal more magic damage? Hmm, it's a mystery. I'll concede on this point. But you suck at arguing.

    "So what? Shouldn't magic users have the right to defensive stats?"
    Well, they don't need to invest into cleaving through evasion, block, or parry, so really? No. That's just a blunt no.

    >git gud
    lol. I play a Ranger buddy. I typically don't have problems in Arena, until people realize that I'm picking off all of the mages. Why am I advocating nerfs to a class I honestly don't struggle against? Because it's called game balance. This game lacks a ♥♥♥♥ ton of it. I've been here since 2.5, back when you had to grind for obsidian and regrade obsidian gear with scrolls. And had to burn hundreds of hours grinding out attempts, shattering pieces of gear with all the charms in the world. Back when you'd randomly get attack speed buffs because you're using a dagger as a weapon, or defense penetration from a spear. I've been here since Ancestral levels were >new<. And now that Gamingo is finally listening to us, I'm going to post on the forums changes that should have been made years ago. Deal with it.

    This one isn't even trying to form a counter argument. Just an insult.
    I'll go over it again, since you're a brainlet. As the game is being developed, it's becoming clear that some form of balance changes is being made. DR got nerfed ages ago, but it's still carrying too much at the moment. The only class that hasn't seen nerfs is simply Mage classes, who have only seen buffs. It's time for an overhaul. Sometimes, our complaints are actually heard. Usually not, but if you don't speak up, no one will listen.

    By the way, you and your ♥♥♥♥ty attitude can fall off of the nearest bridge. You honest to God are a Cancer on this community, and you will do nothing but drive away potential players for this game. People like you are such toxic, vile pieces of ♥♥♥♥, that you actively form a barricade for public discourse.

    By the way, since you think I only use one button - here's my full combo. I actually enjoy describing it, as it blends rather well.

    Glider Ascension Cancel into a 20 meter backdrop, flame concussive bolt combo > landing with mend, puts you in perfect Flame Snipe distance > Pop Fire Snipe into Mirror Light for an Instant Trip > Flame Skewer once to weave in Stalker's Mark, Flame Skewer again to weave in Steady Shooting, Third Skewer into 3 Blazing Arrows > Charged Bolt > By now, they should be up and advancing, Glider Ascension Cancel into Resurgence > Mana Barrier combo, land on them with Lightning Overwhelm > Endless Arrows until Backdrop is ready, as they approach again Glider Ascension Cancel into another backdrop to gain more distance > Land with Resurgence + Mend, drop Life Healing Circle and pop Blazing Arrow > Charged Bolt. Anything past this is just Endless Arrows, but nothing really survives past the triple Blazing Arrow.

    And yes, this is my actual combo. I really enjoy it, it's overly flashy and fun as hell, and it confuses the hell out of everyone because I'm suddenly a mile away. Why don't you try lightening up a bit, instead of being overly aggressive? Look, I'll even take the first step. I'm sorry for being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I'm also sorry for coming off like an aggressive ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in this post. You'd do everyone a favor by being constructive.

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    I can't defend magic, it's the strongest for everything in the game. Melee and Archers both have downsides, magic doesn't. It definitely needs some more balancing which has already happened in Korea, we just get the patches incredibly slow. Also, no balance suggestions we make will be heard by the devs, gamigo doesn't even have GMs or support.

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    damn... Bastrii put the smack down, +1 keepin that archer pimp hand strong in the boards.

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    leave mage be ;p just add +30 cast time penalty for plate using

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