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Thread: anyone else get a legal action notice against trion?

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    Question anyone else get a legal action notice against trion?

    . wtf...
    Court Ordered Notice
    (Class Action Notice and Claim Form)
    Claim ID: CDF-1972438
    A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit called Van Fleet v. Trion Worlds, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that parts of the ArcheAge game violated California’s consumer protection laws. The players who brought the lawsuit (Plaintiffs) claim the maker of the game (Trion) failed to provide a promised 10% discount on marketplace purchases to players who paid for Patron status before the game’s official U.S. launch. Plaintiffs also claim the supply crates or chests sold in the marketplace were an unlawful digital lottery. In order to receive a payment from the settlement, you must submit a claim. Trion disputes Plaintiffs’ claims and maintains that the ArcheAge game did not violate the law. The parties have reached a settlement of Plaintiffs’ claims in order to resolve this matter at the present time to avoid the cost and uncertainty of further court proceedings.
    Under the settlement, Trion will pay $420,000 to resolve the claims of class members. Trion dissolved itself and sold all of its assets. Given Trion’s financial situation, Plaintiffs and their counsel think the settlement is a fair outcome for the classes.
    This Notice summarizes the proposed Settlement. For the precise terms and conditions of the Settlement, visit the Settlement Website and review the Settlement Agreement.
    What Can I Get?
    If the settlement is approved by the Court, you will receive money if you submit a claim by March 13, 2020, unless you first opt out. The amount you get will depend on the amounts you spent in the ArcheAge marketplace and the number of crates you bought, the number of claims submitted, and the amount of attorneys’ fees and expenses, payments to Plaintiffs for their service as class representatives, and administration costs approved by the Court. Class members who are part of the settlement agree to release and waive all claims against Trion made by Plaintiffs on behalf of the class.
    How Do I Get a Payment?
    To receive a payment, you need to submit a claim form online at www.ArcheAgeSettlement.com on or before March 13, 2020. If you prefer, you can also visit www.ArcheAgeSettlement.com to print a form or call 1-844-799-7601 to request that a claim form be mailed to you. If you mail a claim form, it must be postmarked by March 13, 2020.
    How Do I Exclude Myself or Object?
    You may exclude yourself from the settlement classes by completing an opt-out request form online or mailing a written notice to the claims Administrator by March 13, 2020. If you exclude yourself, you cannot receive a settlement payment but you keep any rights you may have to sue Trion Worlds, Inc. over the legal issues in this action. You can also object. If you do not exclude yourself, then you or your lawyer can appear before the Court and object to the settlement. Your written objection must be mailed to the Claims Administrator no later than March 13, 2020. Specific instructions on how to object to or exclude yourself from the Settlement are available at www.ArcheAgeSettlement.com.
    Who Represents Me?
    The Court has appointed a team of lawyers from Robins Kaplan LLP, Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC, and FOCAL PLLC, to serve as Class Counsel. They will petition to be paid legal fees from the settlement fund and will also petition for their reasonable legal expenses in pursuing the lawsuit. They plan to request to be paid approximately $123,500 in attorneys’ fees and reasonable expenses. You may hire your own lawyer at your expense if you so choose.
    When will the Court Consider the Settlement?
    The Court will hold a final approval hearing on April 17, 2020 at 3 p.m. (PST) in Department 2 of the San Mateo County Superior Court, at 400 County Center, San Mateo, CA, 94063. If the date or time changes the settlement website will be updated with the new information. At that hearing, the Court will hear any objections concerning the fairness of the settlement, decide whether to approve the requested attorneys’ fees, class representative payments, and administration costs, and determine the final fairness of the settlement.
    How Do I Get More Information?
    For more information, go to www.ArcheAgeSettlement.com, or contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-844-799-7601.
    Van Fleet v. Trion Worlds Settlement
    c/o Postlethwaite & Netterville
    PO Box 1429
    Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1429
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    I did, just curious how legit it is. I never click on anything in my emails.

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    I got this today and I wasn't sure at first if it was legit, but from everything I've seen it is pretty clearly legit? I've seen scams and if this is a scam its the best one I've seen.
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    Well I guess it would explain Trion's sudden leaving...lol. Kind of suspicious that you all got this today despite Trion not being a part of AA for a year or so now. I myself did not receive this, and I find it a bit suspicious since it says "the maker of the game (Trion)" Trion was not the "maker" of ArcheAge, they were of the game Devilian. ArcheAge is owned by XL Games, so Trion/Gamigo are just publishers for the game, kind of like how Icarus, the KR MMO has Nexon (now Valfow-something) as the NA/EU publishers for "Riders of Icarus." They don't actually own the rights to the game directly, just the publishing rights. I find that sentence strange...as well as the rest of the entire page with random links. What's the origin of this legal document? As in where did it come from exactly?

    Something about it has a "red-flag" type of feel to it, again it's weird this was sent now despite TrionWorlds not being a part of AA anymore...yea the games still have their logo, but the Trion members that are left are in Gamigo now. I would suggest sending this to a Dev/Admin to take a look at it..but do not click on any of the links..you don't know wtf it will do.
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