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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
    Hi all, we're more than happy to take feedback (and we have been!) so long as it's constructive. Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback regarding the event timers!
    @Cosmo ~ These new Event times prevent majority of people being able to do them! It's clear from the response to these that you must change them asap because many (quite a few in my guild) have said they will not be renewing their patron as they are unable to participate in all the very late events now scheduled! You need to be telling us that they WILL be changed ASAP! I have always had a 100% attendance in my guild to ALL events, I can no longer maintain that now and also there's a huge gap from approx. 6pm (UK time) till 9.30pm (UK time) when NO EVENTS are on! This is when most people want to raid, can you not understand that?

    Can you even explain and justify this new Event Schedule and give acceptable logical reasons why XL/Gamigo chose to change them?

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    XL/Gamigo SHOULD respond to this. At least do it as rotation... Some events earlier as it used to be, some later, and then rotate it next week or something. I NEED to know what XL/gamigo planning to do and if i should Uninstal the game.

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    EU timers needs to be pulled earlier. Not only most of population plays from UTC+2, there is a lot of people form UTC+3 and UK/Spain is the least seen population as far as i see.

    But keep open world events simultaneously. When they get spread, a single guild (or faction in best scenario) farms all of them with killing other faction. Make them have to choose and let others have a shot at other events, or force the big force to spread and let more equal pvp happen.

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    New event timers really screwed up a substantial chunk of the player base in NA. Believe it or not we have a lot of players from overseas. Our timezones can have 4-5 concurrent full raids Golden Plains Battle.

    Dwindling player count in our timezones with people quiting left and right cos having no access to important events like Golden Plains means no way of progression.

    I hardly improved my gearscore cos of this, only getting some honor from Aegis and CR/GR, basically our only source and its just too little.

    Add to the fact that you screwed up Mistsong Banquet and made it unplayable. Another crucial source of progression has been removed.

    I hope you guys really consider adding those old event timers back, dont have to revert to old timers, keep the new ones. Server is ran 24/7 so content should be available 24/7 too. If you gonna limit these event to specific timings then might as well make it an after office hour server.

    Me and my guildies as well as the peeps in our timezone are all frustrated as ♥♥♥♥ and considering quiting. No point in playing a PvP game when theres no opportunity for progression.

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    AA is probably one of the first MMOs that ran everything by stupid timed window events.

    Take a look at other MMOs, they have no BS scheduled timings for content.

    Its always there and available 24/7 with at most a limited entry count.

    Players plan and decide the timings, its flexible and player friendly.

    If you're adamant on fixed timings then use your brains a little, put in back the old timings for NA server so we can have a reasonable all day access, at least for instances.

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    Can you please do something about the event time asap? This times are very bad for eu players.my time zone is gmt+3 and very first halcy battle starts in 4 am something.how the hell i can participate for that battle.i need not to sleep if i want to join that battle.

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