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    GJ Trion, you have just lost 1/3 of motivated prime-time players. Is it your way to develop the game?..

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    The new timers are excellent, NA communities from PST and EST enjoy the new changes. These are NA servers after all so we should have priority when it comes to time. The only people complaining are from third world countries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
    Hi all, we're more than happy to take feedback (and we have been!) so long as it's constructive. Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback regarding the event timers!
    If you are interested in feedback, Cosmo, that will be mixed. But let me put it in numbers so it would be as objective as possible:

    UTC times in EU are only a handful of countries, the most known ones are the UK and Spain. Most western european countries are at UTC+1, examples would be France, Germany, Italy, so basically so far a good portion of your EU population will be 1h later than the scheduled events.

    Starting abyssal for these guys at 10:30 PM, when most of them work at 9 AM (having to be awoke at 7:30 at the most) is already messed up... especially if Abyssal goes longer.

    Lets go more to central and eastern europe... countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, these go into the +2 timezone. Abyssal attack is at 11:30 here. That is late, no matter who says what.

    But let's talk about another bit of population that fills the EU servers: Turks and Russians... they are at +3... i dont think explaining is needed ehere.

    TO TOP IT ALL OFF: Starting april, all EU countries will have their timer switched to summertime, meaning they would all go up by 1h (so +1 for all countries). For example, me as a romanian, Abyssal will start at 12:30 in the night, when i'm up for work at 7. How would it go? A little thing you might be interested in is i need a job to spend money on your game, which leads me to believe u would be interested in allowing people to work and still be able to play the game.

    Think what you want, but all the people on my server have very bad feedback regarding event timers.

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    Current event timings can stay however please introduce new event windows especially for Instances like Golden Plains War/Kadum/Red Dragon/Fall of Hiram etc, let them have 5 event timings each. Like in between 12:15pm and 5:30pm.

    Extend the event duration for Golden Plains War, to at least an hour. Most peeps can only attend a single event window and 30-45mins might not be enough to do your daily 3x completion.

    With regards to overlapping events for instances and open world, i suggest letting open world events overlap, forcing guilds to choose and allowing a bigger chunk of the population to have access to these content without being bullied out of it. Monopoly is never a good thing so this is a step in the right direction.

    For instances, they should never overlap. Main concern is lack of players to even start the event, theres not enough players to queue for every overlapped instance at the same time. Right now it wont be that big of an issue but later on once server stabilize, headcount for instances will be a big problem.

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    Open world events have overlapping timers for a good reason. This is to prevent any single group from monopolizing content.

    But is there a reason for instanced events to have timers at all? Maybe they'd work better if they could be activated at any time, perhaps in a manner similar to the way heroes can activate certain things (but able to be done by regular players). That could trigger a window of an hour or so, during which people could sign up for the instance before it began.

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    Bring back old event times please.it was better then what we had now...we can't even do 3 halcy per day now...

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    People who pay for the game, with subs, credits and why not apex are the people with a job.
    Which majority of them have a normal sleep schedule -> to wake up at 7, you go to bed before midnight.

    80% of EU time zone is UTC+1, only UK and Portugal got UTC+0
    Kraken, BD, Charybdis, Leviathan, Abyssal and Luscas (for winter time) spawns all at 23:30.
    It would be ok-ish if it was before days off like Friday or Saturday nights, but it's on tuesday, thursday and Sunday. So whoever wants to be on theses events or attempt theses bosses until the end, will stay awake until 1:30am, or 2:30am during summer times because we get +1h.
    Only a small portion of the player base who actually work can attempt to theses bosses -> day off on monday or middle of the week, starting work late,... But is this the plan of XLGames ? Give 99% of the endgame content to a minority who lives in the UK or have special work shifts ?

    If XL games don't understand the point of giving this kind of content to the people who got a job, i guess soon enough Gamigo will feel the change on their bank account.
    Or then we need a publisher that have voice to make things change.

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    Okay, i live in UTC+2 zone... and to do any Event, i have to stay up to what? 1:30 AM? 2:30 AM? Nah, i'm not gonna do when i have to wake up at 5AM. Yes, 80% of Europe is UTC++ and to make it at 10PM is just killing existing population. Person which thought it's a good idea, is f***** in the head... I did support this game, did support Idea of Non-P2W game and bought most expensive pack plus some more credits, but after this? I'm Out, if it's not changed. Game is Boring AF, Events like DGS and Abysal was the only reason i plaid it and enjoyed it. Now i can't even do that. Only thing i can do, Boring ♥♥♥ dailies. I am not wasting my life to play Archeage. Me and i am sure, many others will quit if it's not sorted out soon.

    Also This is my PERSONAL OPINION but WTF with those Boring AF Cinderstone and Ynyster event's? "PVP" even't? not really, all you do is run around and kill stuff, and if you are lucky, have some PVP... Such a unimaginative Event... Yes, prise is cool and all, but event sucks. Could have made something like Operations from Battlefield Series, or something to use Mortars on so to make them reasonably useful Guilda purchase. Not just some go around kill stuff.

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    I really like the new timers for the most part :x just wanted to put in my 2 cents

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    EU Servers

    I think people need to preface with EU or NA;

    The issue is EU, not so much NA.

    Also, why a 2+ hour shift? Is there no middle ground?

    Like pfffft lol.
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