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Thread: Massive issues with Pirate and the Exile system as a whole.

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    Massive issues with Pirate and the Exile system as a whole.

    Ill start with the immediate issue with the exile system and then give a run down on pirate/exile.
    No factions currently have sad/happy face, this means no one can exile/ally. It has been an issue since the last patch that bugged worldbosses.

    Now the run down on the pirate system.
    Pirate system use to be gain 3000 infamy/crime points and you would auto flip pirate, go back to 0 and you would flip back. This worked fine.

    Start of unchained flipping pirate was done via quest, do a couple quests pay 200 gold ingots. Then you could do a quest line to leave pirate, it was very easy.

    Exile system was introduced. Removed the quests locking all current pirates to the pirate faction. This should have been addressed straight away but were about 3-4 months later and nothing.

    Now the Exile system.
    The Official patch notes state this.

    The way the exile system works in Korea is based on the fact the servers already had a pirate population. However its near impossible for pirates to get a happy face on unchained to even transfer off, even then I believe the NPC's for getting off pirate if they do go happy face are not in the game, as we have found out and Korea has since added an RNG chance for 5 pirates a week to transfer off pirate in a patch we dont have but I dont believe thats a fix for us.

    Reasons why pirate will barely ever get a smile face
    In unchained is that west/east have so much more population and chances to boost their factions activity.
    Pirate misses out on a lot of things which turns people away from coming pirate, and now the fact people know the system is flawed. This has been made even more so with all the time changes.
    Pirates were given a infusion workbench but then the ability to do castle transportation quests was basically taken away with the time increase/change.

    A part of activity is castle sieges. 50v50v30, sure its possible for pirates to win, but the fact pirates have 3 heroes and west/east get 6 this also gives them a massive disadvantage when channeling the orbs that spawn. Thats also if some pirate nations can even pull these numbers.
    Another thing is world bosses, Most servers farm these as soon as they spawn, with respawn timers marked down, pirates cant take on the massive pug raids most factions do these with. Pirates also cant kill DGS so that also removes two. The protecting quest does not count to activity. Pirates also only get half the packs for defending the DGS which doesn't make any sense, you draw out the fight until despawn to get less.

    If strong guilds went pirate they could definitely be the dominating faction, but even then its hard to get a happy face, Also its punishing anyone who isn't a dominant force. Not to mention as we found out if you are moving a dominant force off your faction after 9 people transfer this will drop your factions activity by a lot the next week. So its very hard for a full guild to exile.
    I believe one server has a dominant pirate faction and Im told they are struggling now with the current way the system is.

    Suggestions for a possible fix
    1. Make the pirate exile npcs always spawned. This means after 2 months players can choose to flip back.
    2. Make the pirate exile npcs spawn if west/east go sad face, but not pirate happy face. This would probably be more balanced, although on my server at least its rare to see east/west sad face, maybe once every 2 months. Would take a long time for any pirate faction with more then 9 people trying to flip back. So send out scrolls for all current pirates allowing them to return to their faction. This would work for pirates stuck by the old system too.

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    I had a look before and didn't see a post, however I guess I missed this 3 months old one.

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