Currently, pretty much only the students, jobless, retired, rich traders etc are actively playing this game. People who need to secure a livelihood are highly unlikely to play this game with all these crazy grind.

The game need to reduce its grind massively. I am not just talking about your dailies which supposedly gonna be change to weekly in some patch.

I am talking about your life skills aka money grind as well.
You need to provide the means to allow players to spend their labors much quicker.

I suggest that you can do this simply by giving them options to spend 2x the cost with 2x the benefits. Like having trade packs that cost twice while with twice the returns. Plants that cost twice but having twice the returns, heck, even a farming and harvesting machine that help you area plant and area harvest will be great additional. A new fishing type cost twice but reward twice. Crafting, building, mining and harvesting are also take ridiculously long, is there a need to be? This is a game, not a simulator.