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Thread: Time is precious, grind time need to be reduced

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    Time is precious, grind time need to be reduced

    Currently, pretty much only the students, jobless, retired, rich traders etc are actively playing this game. People who need to secure a livelihood are highly unlikely to play this game with all these crazy grind.

    The game need to reduce its grind massively. I am not just talking about your dailies which supposedly gonna be change to weekly in some patch.

    I am talking about your life skills aka money grind as well.
    You need to provide the means to allow players to spend their labors much quicker.

    I suggest that you can do this simply by giving them options to spend 2x the cost with 2x the benefits. Like having trade packs that cost twice while with twice the returns. Plants that cost twice but having twice the returns, heck, even a farming and harvesting machine that help you area plant and area harvest will be great additional. A new fishing type cost twice but reward twice. Crafting, building, mining and harvesting are also take ridiculously long, is there a need to be? This is a game, not a simulator.

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    Life skills was never the issue. Vanilla had more dependency on life skills, the economy is booming and reliant on proficiencies, crafting is very active and you had way more labor to burn than currently since labor pots were abundant without the current server labor pool nonsense. It also required much more manual labor. My point being life skills is now heavily neutered and less active than before.

    The issue is the dailies, events and instances. There are just way too many and are way too restrictive. I mean life skills had no restrictions, theres no rule saying you can only hand in XX packs a day or do XX farming/crafting a day. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Theres even mass processing stations and other convenience items like miners farmhouse to help speed up life skill process. Its not that hard to burn labor efficiently.

    Dailies, events and instances on the other hand, theres too many of them. Yeah "optional", only an idiot will think that. There are absolutely mandatory. And they run in cycles since they have daily limits. Miss out on hiram dailies or halcy today, you cant make it up for it tomorrow, thats a net lost of tons of infusions and scroll as well as up to 6k honor.

    You are constantly chasing after these dailies and events. On the flip side, these limits are crucial at least in AAU as otherwise people with no life can constantly farm them 24/7 and be way ahead of others.

    What needs to be done is to reduce the number of dailies. Pool rewards from multiple events into one. Turning them into weeklies is an option too though late comers will be negatively affected as they wont have enough peeps to do them. But these can be easily rectified by introducing optional/secondary rewards for those who choose to assist, the rewards can be gilda stars, which is hard to farm currently and besides its more oriented towards life skills.

    Vanilla AA was more fun as there was minimal dailies BS, players can actually focus on having fun and the gearing by crafting system introduces a logistic curve where peeps will reach a soft ceiling and wont really need to focus on gearing but instead on other fun things. Current system is an exponential curve and players are forced to continually focus on gearing up, its not even a linear progression.

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    If you really put in some effort to read, I already mentioned they gonna change dailies in to weekly in some patches. So that itself is gonna be fixed in some future patch.

    Even then, it is still gonna be grindy due to the amount of time needed to spend all these labors. Majority of the people are not gonna enjoy the time spent on the labor.

    The dev and you need to understand a healthy person with a healthy life will not have numerous hours per day. It is important to make sure things are do-able within an hour or two while having other hours doing something fun to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lu5ck View Post
    I suggest that you can do this simply by giving them options to spend 2x the cost with 2x the benefits. Like having trade packs that cost twice while with twice the returns. Plants that cost twice but having twice the returns, heck, even a farming and harvesting machine that help you area plant and area harvest will be great additional. A new fishing type cost twice but reward twice. Crafting, building, mining and harvesting are also take ridiculously long, is there a need to be? This is a game, not a simulator.
    To be honest, your suggestions have already been implemented. I guess you're not a legacy player?
    If you compare current crafting system to launch legacy AA, they've made it so much easier. Proficiencies were ridiculously a lot more manual labor during the early days of AA. We now have processing stations, specialized manors that let you craft direct, ranchers/miners/planters, bundles, famed bundles, region packs, higher capacity haulers etc etc.

    That said, I'd like a harvester vehicle or house module though, that lets me plant and harvest the entire farm of seeds or bundles in one go. Bad thing about the higher tier gathering conveniences is that you lose out on a lot of other perks like royal seeds etc. Eventually you still need to downgrade to bundles and manual labor, sadly...

    The plan currently is turning hiram dailies for Blue Scrolls and WHM to weeklies, EHM will still be dailies. And thats it. No big deal.

    You'd still have to run:
    Golden plains Battlex3(1.5hrs)
    Red Dragon(15mins)
    Fall of Hiram City(15mins)
    Naval Arena(1hr)
    Arenas(All if possible, mainly Drill & Glad, 1-2hrs)
    Abyssal Lib(10x3mins)
    Noryette Challenge Wave 30(15mins)
    Mistsong Banquet(30x2mins)
    Hereafter Rebellion(15mins)
    Howling Abyss 1st Boss(3x5mins)
    Greater Dungeons(1-2hrs)
    Sungold CR(20mins)
    Kraken, Abyssal, Lusca, Leviathan, World Bosses, Community Center Hunt quests and CC Dailies, Guild Dailies, Family Dailies, Profession Dailies, House Dailies, Castle Dailies and etc etc etc. As to why are all these important, if you're into progression you'd understand why they are mandatory. Oh btw, this is only for 1 character. Don't get me started on your alternates.

    THIS is the problem with AA. The outcry is about DailiesAge, it was never FarmingAge or LifeSkillsAge.
    Early days of AA, life skills were much harder and time consuming but players still had a lot of time to do other stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, i'd like more conveniences for farming but it will never lessen the burden of grind as long as all these events and dailies exist. Get rid of these dailies, you have all the time in the world to do stuff you enjoy. If you have issues with burning labor and life skills, you're definitely biting more than you can chew with 10 accts, 20 alts, 50 farms which mind you, is not a necessity especially with how devs killed crafting/proficiencies.

    Attack the root of the problem, which is Dailies.

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    Dailyage isnt for slackers, if you dont do yours you will fall in the hell of the low gs characters, who cant play anything.

    Im pesonnaly bored of this game...he's killing himself with all those dailies, i dont know who is the guy who have make this game like this?

    Did this guy have imagine people are playing like they're going to work?
    Imagine a guy who is at work?
    08:00 = go to work
    12:00 = time to lunch, have one 1 hour on laptop for growing potatoes
    13:00 = go back to work
    17:00 = go back home
    17:30 = At home, launching game
    17:31 = Making hiram daily
    18:30 = wow gogogo its time to do crimson rift and ynystere daily
    19:15 = can i go to dinner?
    20:30 = NO WOMAN! i dont have time to go to speak with you!!! Red dragon will start soon!!!
    21:15 = omg time to go to Halcyona!!! gogogogo fast!!!
    22:45 = omg i try to do my game !
    23:00 = get ready for luscak/kraken/charibdys in the same time!!!
    00:00 = omfg gogoogo finish your lib/noryette before reset raid!
    01:00 = reset raid...+ grim or crim...
    02:15 = omfg its kadum/halcy time...

    You have no time for PLAY THE GAME AND ENJOY IT WITH THIS!


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    Don't bite off more than you can chew.
    You are supposed to choose from the menu, not to order every single dish.
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    I agree with u dailies take a lot of times.they should decrease halcy battle times to 1 battle only and give way more honor points and they should remove aegis whalesong dailies completely.we should be earning honor from pvp and instances only.moreover, hiram dailies must be weekly asap or remove hiram dailies completely and mail people the scrolls and infusions based on their online time in game it'd be far more enjoyable.

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    Completely agree. No one is enjoying DailyAge.

    @ Lu5ck: Time to spend labour is not a problem imo, but lack of non- 'content' related ways to obtain it are. A big part of the reason people feel they have to do so many events is to get honour and/or labour rewards - not even to 'get ahead' but just to do the basics - decrystallise or gem hiram gear, run packs etc.

    Even casual or solo players that don't do EHM/WHM or instances because they just want to craft, farm, trade or whatever - and are OK with lower gear score/progression because of it - are funnelled into spending time in dungeons, killing mobs, or joining raids for WBs, CR/GR etc all in their lowbie gear, just to get 1 labour recharge on legacy now, since 6.0 removed ways to get labour like stipends and labour pots, that dont involve dailies or spending loyalty (not accessible to f2P players).

    Ideally it should be something like: Spend x labour get y labour as a reward (where x>y of course, maybe 2:1)

    In addition to drastically reducing the number of dailies and adjustiing the rewards, to move AA closer to its original 'sandpark' design which supported more diverse playstyles, there need to be other ways to get labour (specifically) than by forced participation in daily content, particularly instances that happen only at specific times.

    Castle pools are not a solution, given the slow regeneration rate and ineffective defense. IMO their actual role is to create pvp opportunities by providing a tasty smorgasbord for bored pirates, or reds with an axe to grind.

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    Pretty much what everyone said. Proficiency activities were never a problem nor a grind unless you're taking more than you can handle. Life skills is not something thats been forced upon the player, its the player's choice to get that many farms and proficiencies. There are no restrictions too, you can skip farm day anytime without worrying and still wont labor cap. If you labor cap then as mentioned before you're playing too many characters and life skills.

    Dailies on the other hand has set restrictions, they have fixed event timings and limited tries per day, which means you will be chasing after these dailies continuously. If you skip your dailies today, you lose all the rewards for today. Unlike for life skills, you skip mining today, no biggie, burn some labor on tax certs with surplus for tomorrow. Next day you do 2x the mining and pot labor pots for even more rewards.

    Dailies heavily restricts and controls the player's activities, it is unfairly forced onto the player. Its easy to say that you're supposed to pick from the menu, but mind you, most of us ARE already picking from the menu and aren't doing every single dailies. Hell, i'm probably doing only 25% of the dailies due to time constraints and have absolutely no time to do what i enjoy. It doesn't help that these dailies directly impact your progression with each dailiy impacting the many components of your gearing process. In a gear dependent game like AA, this makes dailies MANDATORY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambaredolas View Post
    Don't bite off more than you can chew.
    You are supposed to choose from the menu, not to order every single dish.
    You are absolutely correct. No one is holding a gun to my head and forcing me to spend my entire evening running events repetitively.

    That being said, in order to make up ground on gearing for late comers, you need labor, as everything revolves around labor and it is limited. As a Legacy player that means I need to do everything possible to increase my pool. So my evening begins at the reset (when I get home from work and finish dinner):

    1) Try to run at least five daily tasks quickly to get the labor recharger. This may entail joining the reset raid in order to do Crimson Rift if the quest is available. Stay with reset raid to do castle dailies for territory tokens.
    2) Queue Halcy on Main to get the labor recharger.
    3) Queue Alt (on same account) in Halcy to get the labor recharger.
    4) Run Mistsong on Main to get the labor recharger.
    5) Run Europe on Alt for packs to make gold.
    6) Put my character to bed to get the labor.
    7) Spend the 6,000 or so total labor (earned plus rechargers) on the gearing pursuits (metal working, farming, gathering, alchemy, packs, etc.), that I'm not spending my gold on.

    The seven items above routinely take 4 hours to complete, give or take 30 minutes if I'm lucky (or not). It's time for bed. I've done nothing I've really enjoyed in-game, let alone outside it.

    I agree with the poster. The structure of the game is conducive to an all-out life-sucking grind. In my opinion, it'd be worth it to rethink this.

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