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Thread: A Flippant Tale of Two Ducks; with Screenshots!

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    Cool A Flippant Tale of Two Ducks; with Screenshots!

    Hello! I'm not here to complain, rather to give you a story. A story of heroism, valor, quacks; a ducking good tale of two Ahnimar Duck Boats on their harrowing migration from the heat of Ahnimar, through the humidity of hellswamp and the beaches of Sanddeep, and into the cool pond of the Marianople Water Fountain and final resting spot: The Courthouse. All on the Server Kaylin.

    But what is an Ahnimar Duck Boat? Well, it's a boat that spawns in Ahnimar. It's supposed to stay in Ahnimar too; it's Friendly Faction, has no association with East or West faction, and is supposed to break near housing. On top of that, it's the most fragile boat in game, breaking off of a gentle bump against a wall in non-peace zones.

    Our tale begins in the ponds of Ahnimar; taking the River out of Tadpole Head Field, we followed along the current until we reached our first obstacle. A massive waterfall. Not thinking, we attempted to land a boat during war times; four ducks died in this process, with two survivors. Who died on the second waterfall. Our next two attempts (8 and 9) happened during peace, and were met with success. Pictured above you can see this success.

    Unfortunately, we had another obstacle; another waterfall, leading into Sanddeep. Fortunately, Sanddeep has just entered war... it was going to be an hour and ten minutes before we could safely drop, but we waited. And we made it.

    We pushed onwards, past the falls of Sanddeep, and into the ocean proper where we sought to land in Marianople.

    Disaster struck. Our ducks, while the strongest swimmers in the land reaching top speeds of 6 meters a year, could not withstand the powerful current of Lag. At least, mine couldn't; and shattered on the shoreline of Cinderstone More. The exhaustion of the harrowing migration was too much. It was all up to Ctwo to reach Marianople.

    But, through countless hours of effort, Ctwo made it to Marianople. With the help of a bunch of players, a cart, a harpoon clipper, and praying, they managed to roost in the water fountain. I had already passed out for the night. But, they took their victory screenshot.

    When I woke up, someone moved it out of the fountain and into the streets. It took me 30 minutes to struggle it back into the fountain for this screenshot, too.

    And in the end, it was fate; our Guild Member Symantha decided that the best place to roost after a long, long journey, was with someone safe. Permanently safe. Where no one could ever move it again.

    Our Duck Boat roosted in the Courthouse of Marianople, under the Judge's watchful eye. He wasn't happy.

    Thus ends the great Duck Boat Migration. Participates: Bastrii, who took screenshots and tragically lost their duckboat on the shores of Cinderstone. Who spent the time to write this post. Ctwo, who didn't give up, and was determined to bring our duckies home. Loofi, who was our moral support for the first 6 attempts. And Symantha, who brought the duck to roost.

    All on Kaylin server. Thank you for reading!

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    hope this book gets made into a movie.....

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    It was a very heart warming journey!

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    absolutely love the adventure, this is why I came back to aa after a hiatus. I love the imagination of my fellow players and just the way they seek out different in-game mechanics to do some epic ingame shenanigans. Thanks a bunch for posting this
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    Awe Inspiring tale, may your journeys be prosperous.

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