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Thread: Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs

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    Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs

    Why is there a harpoon in the game ??? If it does not work correctly. If they get up from the helm, it breaks. At the joints of locations - it breaks. With any action he - breaks !!!!! I understand if it did not work after the update, but it has been working like this for a long time. Why did they introduce an improvement in the harpoon grade if it makes no sense?

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    Harpoons tend to become decent around epic. If you are using a rare grade harpoon, you're gonna have a bad time.
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    thought this was gonna be a Bugs Bunny thread


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    i have Mythic grade, but it does not work correctly

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    Anti-Harpoon Exploit Reminder: For Devs

    I certainly agree NyarlathotepCriminal.

    The Boat Harpoon Mechanic is made completely irrelevant with such a simple exploit.

    All the player needs to do is hop on and off the steering wheel and theyre set free. I really appreciate the harpoon to be a feature of the game and there are plenty of methods of countering it, of which I have successfully done without the need for a misplaced bug/exploit.

    I find this an insult to anyone who has poured all their money into improving their equipment and studying the best harpoon practices for them.If exploits like this are to never be fix, might as well remove these features from the game to save people time and disk space.

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