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Thread: exploitation of prison game mechanic. please fix

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    exploitation of prison game mechanic. please fix

    players are exploiting the game mechanics of prison by using ancestral life lasso to pull people onto the wall in jail in marianople so they can jump out and retrial until inno. even if it takes 100 trials, this is very dissapointing behaviour to see and it needs to be patched. they used to use vehicles but that was patched so now they found another way theyve been sentenced to several hours several times already on stena. but keep getting out and getting a retrial until people inno
    theres a reason the prison system exists, its to stop you from griefing/robbing your own faction and if
    you do you should do the time and not just have one person use one skill to pull you over the prison wall
    to freedom to get a retrial 100x until someone inno's you

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    Jail Exploit Bug Reminder: For Devs

    I agree with this notion. Filthy pests continue to roam the continents when they should be paying their due in the prison. Alas, the system is sincerely unreliable as they bug their way out and retrial nonstop until they receive innocent by their vermin allies. A fix to such heinous practice would be deeply appreciated.

    From my experience on the Haranyan continent, Stena Server, it appears there is a corner in the prison and by the large gate that sets you free or removes the jailed buff. Which then they have themselves slain and returned to jury.

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    This has still not been fixed. What is the point in having a justice system in-game if it doesn't function properly, and those who exploit it repeatedly get no reprimands?There have been multiple tickets reported with screenshots and still nothing.

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