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Thread: any way to get hiram bow and shield??

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    any way to get hiram bow and shield??

    When I got my free pack with hiram gear in it. I started out opening up the weapon file and thought I was only able to choose one item.. so I chose katana. And deleted the file.. later on I found out that there was probably a bow and shield in there as well. But it had been a while since I had done anything with the katana as at the time I was not patron .. but I have since rejoined. So is there any place that I can still get those 2 items?? You cant buy them on AH.. support was pretty useless. Actually I really only get sorry BUTS.. all the time. ( it must be a short list of things they can do cause anything else I have written them for starts out “sorry” LOL. ) any help would be appreciated

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    How to get Hiram gear

    There are normally 3 ways returning (and new) players may be able to get additional hiram pieces. A fourth method has been added in the Dec 2020 patch - see below.

    1. Awaken story aka race quest gear - only if you didn't previously complete the story quests 'The Riven Gates' and 'Joining the Crimson Watch' in Diamond Shores.
    If that applies to you, complete at least one of these quests to obtain some Rank 3 Awakening scrolls.
    You can then buy Rank 1-3 infusions and Rank 1 & 2 Awakening Scrolls for a few silver from any general merchant, and 1H or 2H Explorer's Weapon Crate from any weapon merchant (or armour crates from any armour merchant if you wanted that instead). Use the infusions and scrolls on the basic Explorer weapons to awaken them to Hiram. Mouse over the weapons for more information. Note: it isnt currently possible to get additional instruments this way, only weapons and armour.
    [UPDATED April 2021 patch] Tutorial Guide npc added outside each faction's Hero Hall with quests granting materials and acheivements for synthesising each grade of Explorer gear, tempering, plus the quest "Awakening Brilliant Explorer Equipment". Note: quests can be taken once only - do not abandon.
    [UPDATED Dec 2020 patch] Once you have completed the achievement "Awakening Brilliant Explorer Equipment" by using one of the Rank 3 Awakening scrolls from the tutorial (above) or story quests, you are able to craft additional Rank 3 Awakening Scrolls at a Proven Warrior Workbench if needed (requires Level 50+) - see the Folio for the recipe

    2. Complete Voluntary Hiram Guardian quests 1-7 times - you can get a total of 3 cloaked T1 hiram weapons this way.
    Voluntary Hiram Guardian x 1
    Voluntary Hiram Guardian x 7

    3. Grind Abyssal Legion mobs in Auroria, preferably in war and with loot buffs, until the pieces you want drop. More info here
    Expect the drop rate to be horrible and for it to take forever. Don't complain though, this is how everyone used to have to get Hiram gear.

    4. Craft T1, T2 or T3 (Brilliant) Hiram pieces from Auroria Blue Salt Bonds. [UPDATED in Dec 2020 patch] Recipes are in the Folio (search 'Bond' as Material). For information on obtaining these bonds, see under 'Auroria Housing and Community Center' in the patch notes here.

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    ok tx

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