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Thread: Please listen and fix this game.

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    Please listen and fix this game.

    Once upon a time, Archage was a thriving open world game full of adventure and fun.

    This game used to cater to both pvp and pve players, however the devs decided to listen to the sore losers who couldnt handle being killed in pvp zones, its simple if you enter you accept the risk ..no one said enter alone.

    To fix this game do the following:

    1) Reduce the labor costs across the board.

    2) Increase the gold reward for all activities especially trade packs.

    3) Remove the RNG and simply make it that gold is what it takes to upgrade anything and not insane amounts either, obviously the higher you go the more it costs but nothing thats going to take years to grind to become competitive.

    4) Crime Points need to be drastically reduced, if you kill your own nation so be it ....the playerbase will decide how they deal with it ..maybe they will be scared, maybe they will be angry and hunt you, maybe they will wish to make a deal whatever .

    5) Respawn Timer = 30s max

    6) No summoning of players to your position if you need reinforcements they will have to travel to you or be with you from the start.

    7) No more safe ships, these are being utterly abused ...dumbest thing ive ever seen, if your a little carebear who is too scared to cross the sea ...well hey guess what stick to the coast in safe zones, dont go on the sea, hire help, make friends work together etc.

    8) Give us back the fun ship physics such as backflipping ships, harpooning the seafloor and hiding there, submarine shipping and hell actual transport submarines and aerial craft.

    9) No mounts should be faster then a ship

    10) Cannons should hurt if u get shot by them

    11) Ships shouldnt get 1 shot from colisions

    12) Bigger Farm Haulers

    13) The old Salphira style pvp ( stun lock pvp if you will ), its easily countered ..i myself often fought vastly outnumbered and outgeared winning with skill ie: Out maneuvering, fighting to run away or delay, kiting, trapping, luring, smuggling , decoys, trading, deals, manipulation of perception and finalyl simply being a better fighter ( yes i could break out of stunlocks quite easily, learn your skills )

    14) More worlds so we can have more land avalible to all ...taxs need to hurt for holding vast amounts of land, if u wanna use multiple accounts fine ...your paying for it so all whatever.

    15) Cross World Auction House and Qued PvP

    16) Random Npc treasure ships and or fleets as well as hostiles.

    17) Npc treasure haulers or convoys and hostiles

    18) Cosmetic options for ships, haulers, cars, weapons and armor..pick and choose unlock plans ..craft vanity items etc..........variety is a huge selling point.

    19) Land in my opinion should have some kind of waterway connection, enough for at least 2 enoans to pass alongside each other ..connecting inland to coast

    20) Bigger Ships

    21) Rewards for delivering packs through dangerous zones for distance should be drastially improved

    22) Bigger gold turn in for fish and bigger fish boats ie trawlers 20 or 30 fish, fishing time reduced and improved.

    23) Open World Raid Boss content respawn timers drastically improved and alternate ways to aqquire the drops.

    24) Housing Improved usefulness, more land ...to grow crops, store items etc

    25) More islands

    26) Amphibious vechicles/upgrades/adaptions

    All this ensures the game has a variety of ways of making decent gold and therefore progress catering for both pvp and pve players, you dont have to enter a pvp zone ...but if you do the rewards are more, you can make a deal with those willing to go, bring your friends etc.

    I was a player who pirated absolutely anyone i did not discriminate between high or low levels, nations, race, guild etc etc

    That being said however i was open to negotiate and talk, many of my best friends to this day were targets i had stolen from ..and we are now the best of friends playing a wide variety of games together....not every player will be open to talk thou but thats just part of the game.

    The freedom of the game in those original days allowed for large scale wars, feuds, politics, trading alliances, etc ....remember the big merchant fleets, fishing fleets, hauler convoys ...its all gone and replaced by endless mindless grinding and for what purpose ??

    Hopefully now after all these years people will now realise the sheer stupidity of catering towards a bunch of sore loser players who cant handle losing.

    Do with it what you will, i'd happily fix this game for free ...i'll likely be ignored but cant say i didnt offer.
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    1. Sure why not.
    2. OK.
    3. Gold Buyers will ruin this and own the server.
    4. No Thank you. Do the crime, do the time.
    5. Hmmmmm mostly agree
    6. So if someone gets jumped just F them? Nah. In this way you make it so NO ONE CAN EVER DO ANYTHING themselves ever. I agree it should be mostly not a solo game - but how are you gonna make all that gold as listed above? People have to earn those flares, it's not like they're free, so no.
    7. They also get exploited/pirated all the time. I think they should stay for people starting out. If you X out new players, when people leave, as they always do, there will be no one left. Let people do their stupid family quest in peace.
    8. Agree. Used to love launching clippers with shields at galleons/merches ^^
    9. Agree
    10. Agree
    11. If they have no beast buff and/or are a lighter boat, disagree. If they are same class galleon with beast buff, agree, unless lionheart was used after collision, then see ya.
    12. Meh idk if I even care?
    13. lol no. That's great if you play a class with a lot of CC breaks/or a LOT of CCs, but basically everyone else has to just die. CC lock/constant stun is THE MOST ANNOYING SH*T in ANY game ever. *Barfs off to the side - and I didn't even understand the word soup at the end of that one - tbh
    14. On Unchained it is harder; on Legacy unlimited alts so unlimited labor. That's the issue. and Yes, Auroria Lands need to open again.
    15. If legacy and unchained are split, then sure why not. (Except it will engender more gold buying/selling)
    16. Meh for funsies, sure.
    17. '...................'
    18. Yes.
    19. Why though? Just for trading? Or what?
    20. Meh more options are more options so okay, but again: Why tho?
    21. YES definitely.
    22. AND Fishing Labor all UP FRONT same as Sunken Ships - I actually think ALL trade/packs should be ALL labor up front, to engender more PVP. No one wants to steal a bunch of potatoes if it cost so much to hand in.
    23. Or back to random timers, so no one guild/group can just free farm.
    24. WYM here? You can increase deco limit, take a house with more land, buy/craft chests.
    25. Why tho? We have several islands.
    26. Sure why not.

    But the more ways to make ez gold, the more bots and the more goldsellers and gold buyers still gonna buy so.

    I think the main way to fix game is burn every gold seller and buyer - but that seems to cost too much or sth.

    Thanks for sharing your post - hope you don't mind my sharing opinions back
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    To the OP, thanks for the post. I think its great for folks to be able to post ideas, make rants, complain and/or praise.
    I'd like to add some ideas!
    - They should add more proficiency levels, to the point, that the labor cost gets reduce to at least 90%. Right now, the max proficiency stops at 40% reduction.
    - Add a "Node" system, like how Ashes of Creation is going to.

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    Fishing should be labor up front, reduced time it takes to hook the fish and reduced time it takes to reel them in, no labor cost for turn in and it being a tradepack should be able to be placed and last longer then 5mins im thinking 24hrs like they used to be.

    Tradepacks labor reduced, material cost drastically reduced .....and keep the 20% crafters fee if it gets stolen same goes for larders.

    Tradepacks of any kind including fishpacks ...shouldnt ever cost a arm and a leg to cost for such a pathetic turn in as it is now.

    Once upon a time just a single 1 of my merch ships could make 6.5k gold from 20 Aged Honey Larders from Gwen to Yny/Solis/Villa/Freedich give or take here and there, the catch was ...the transport time, the risks of being pirated but the reward was great.... i used to drive a max of 10 of these at any one time solo, having them wait off the coast etc etc, the most ive done is 100 Ships in a day, this was achieved with the assistence of other players, we all made alot of gold, alot of fun quite risky.

    Furthermore i Island Tradepacks, and Pack creation and turn in between all 3 x continents Auroria, Nuia, Haranya back and forth regardless of type of packs ...keeping in mind that the distance between the craft point and turn in point = the gold return.....with the exception of Island packs have a set high rate regardless, Aurora packs have a set higher return being always in a combat zone and having a longer distance to travel.

    Now as for gold/gear sellers ....funnily enough ...This is actually a good thing for a game like this much as it is for runescape for example because it encourages essentially a endless arms race between players, creating a florishing economy healthy atmosphere of competition etc etc etc......Personally i'd never sell/buy gold or gear as i consider it a highly pathetic way of winning not to mention the risks it carries...SCREW THAT

    To control the bots from easy goldmaking its simple ....make tradepacks the best way to make gold, however only if you take them into pvp zones wiill you reap the rewards otherwise its just a decent way of making gold, keep on top of security to prevent hacks such as teleporting to trade turn ins.

    In addition you ensure that the cost of crafting/upgrading Armour/Weapons/Buildings is relatively low to get players to around a even gear score of sorts, but to gain that extra advantage ...this is when the gold required starts to esculate ...for smaller returns.....you will still have much better geared players around but it will be slower and they wont be unkillable gods.

    I also believe ships/haulers/cars etc should have a upgrade ascension system, for example you might have a Enoan Warship T1 = lets say 100k health ....T2 = 125k health ...up and up it goes, ending up with legendary ships if u will.

    If a big ship rams a much smaller ship it should be a near or instant kill....but with certain restrictions for the purpose of gameplay

    Rowboat = Instant Kill
    Clipper = 2 x Hits
    Speedboat = 2 x Hits
    Fishboat = 6 x Hits
    Merchant Schooner = 10 Hits
    Small Warship = 20 Hits
    Medium Warship = 40 Hits

    All thats assuming the Medium Warship is the one ramming those things above.
    Ramming should do damage however .....we dont want a sea of full of ramming BS, want the game to be about either engaging in cannon to cannon combat, boarding, outmaneuvering and running, harpooning .

    No legacy and newstart servers ...all servers should be all on the same page, players can pay a fee to move between them for whatever reason ..running away from pvp ...want more land etc whatever.

    As for Stun/cc pvp, now all classes should have a natural breakout skill for free maybe shake it up what each does or make it universal, when you are stunned by certain skills or certain times u gain a buff preventing it.

    Now personally i never had a problem with the original stun mechanics as i always had ways of breaking out/surviving it, utilising gear to take the hit, evasiveness, and just generally knowing how to fight in a way ...winning didnt always mean killing the player, sometimes id let myself die/play for time ...or take it and outpace, all different ways............ultimately what you want is players to have a reasonably even level of gear and not allowing players to unleash 1 shot damage ....they can hit harder with higher level gear thou ofc ...but a skilled player can easily counter or numbers.

    The endgame for Archage should be back to the original core concept which is a open world sandbox PVP orientated game engaged in a endless war between nations over power....Good vs Evil vs Neutral.

    BUT BUT BUT yes yes yes i hear you ...it still is friendly towards PVE players who can still flourish but the higher rewards ....is risk vs reward....or abit of grinding if u dont wanna

    There will always be a safety net of sorts for pvp actions, such as the 20% Crafters fee from turn in, safe zones for pack turn ins or fishing ...with the exception of if u leave your stuff unlocked hahaha....thats on you.
    Alternate ways of obtaining world boss loot/quest progression etc.

    I wanna see the sea full of ships, land full of haulers, land with packs on em awaiting transport again.

    Players fighting/defending/patrolling/transporting/smuggling/spying/political postering or negotiation/threats/treaties/blackmailing/bribing.

    Keeps the game alive and humming with energy....very immersive as it becomes a actual world where your actions can have all kinds of effects and always progression one way or another.....only thing that can be lost is sometime and some gold investment ...might sting a little BUT NEVER HURT.

    Now as for the subject of Scamming ......in the form of lying, tricking, manipulating, leading in order to gain gold, gear, assistence off players within the game ......thats fine ..PROVIDED YOU ARE NOT HACKING/MODDING TAKING OTHER PEOPLES ACCOUNTS ....thats WRONG.

    The playerbase will deal with those who decide to go down the nefarious routes of being a Lying, Sneaky, Scamming and Murdering Pirate/Thief :P.....................It is fun to have enemies within games ....long as it stays in the game.

    I truely love Archage because it used to have so much freedom.

    I chose the Sneaky Lawless Pirate/Shrewd Trader route, was hated by many, often KOS to most players ......it was fun, the risks became higher but so were the rewards, ive been chased by 60+ players at 1 time ....fun fun fun ...and against the odds i won ....much to the eternal chagrin of Lunaticos/SSGT/Rising On/KOF ....BR guilds at the time :P

    Manipulated the entire east/west and pirate faction for about a week to serve my interests before i lost the fleeting control i had there ...combination of a few elements and a little luck there haha

    And to top all that off ..the 6 years i spent doing other things within the game.

    I enjoyed being a underestimated simple at first but more of a Multi-Dimensional Bad/Good Guy .....primary goals were self interests ie GOLD GOLD GOLD ...it calls to me ....add on Salty Tears from players and MMMMMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSS.

    Oh and yes more proficiency i wanna see 90% reduction as well ...............with no percentage drops from turn in too.

    Final thing to remember is players thrive in environments that allow freedom with risk vs reward mechanics and where the carrot is never too far out of reach, and allows one to think out of the box.

    Take Runescape ................Lets say there is a Level 165 Player ...and your a level 10 .....now you dont stand no chance of winning in a straight up fight, maybe u wanna lure that player into a ambush ...and loot him with friends on his death ....or the more unorthadox strategy .....The Noob Nuke Cluster Strike hahaha.
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    If the devs ever decide to actually give me the chance i need to implement big changes, i'll type up everything that needs to be done in very tidy neat easy to read notes with citations etc ...not how i type these forum posts up
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    1. Better - Remove XP gain from Labor Then leave Labor costs as they are. How does picking sunflowers make you a better fighter?
    2. Probably good. If players can reasonably easily generate enough gold, there is no need for the temptation to buy gold
    3. Removing RNG - NEEDED. But if you are making gold more plentiful, high prices should not be an issue.
    4. Crime points are meaningless currently. Remove the ability to Break Out of jail - THEN you can reduce the time punishments. I don't care if they change things and do allow you to log off for the hour or two you get sentenced. It takes the character out of the game and that IS a punishment considering they may be missing events.
    5. I think respawn timers should Always be immediate. Its not like you can pop back in to the same location like other games.
    6. I don't see where the current system is particularly bad
    7. If there is ONLY ONE location you can turn in the cargo pack then I completely disagree. To the extreme that I think they should Stop Lying to us when they say Captains Protection will keep you safe on the boat. FIX THE DAM BOAT so that NOTHING can affect people standing on deck. Sounds like the OP wants to sit back and just camp every ship that comes in because they know EVERY ship has to go to that one port.
    8. You want to freely ABUSE game mechanics rather than just use things in the way that they were intended. Interesting philosophy.
    9. When was the last time a mount raced a ship? Is this some reference to dolphins or the croc ?
    10. They do. I quit going to sea warfare because all a canon has to do is hit the deck near you, you go flying into the water and are killed. What a waste of time. Now you want the canon to inflict damage as well. Why? To make sure everyone dies faster ??? wtf ???
    11. Why?
    12. You are really big on trying to make millions of gold, aren't you? Interesting you didn't tie this one in with the 'reduced labor', since it is the labor costs that stops traderuns for the day.
    13. Nice try at a con job. You Know its a con job when they say: "We should be able to do this... ( It's easily countered )". If it was your favorite tactic, and it was easily countered, it would NOT be your favorite tactic. I'm thinking - leave things as they are.
    14. More land for housing would be good - until server pop drops
    15. agree on the AH. Don't have any opinion on PvP
    16. You just looking for easy stuff to kill and then get huge amounts of gold? Thought you were a PvP kinda style
    17. Seriously? Why don't you just ask the company to deposit X amount of gold into your bank every day ?
    18. Cosmetics is good
    19. ummmm.... HUH ?
    20. Why? 99% of the players will never have anything the size of an Enoan. Why would anyone need something bigger?
    21. ONLY if they changed the zones and there was NEVER any Peace. It ain't "dangerous" if the zone is in Peace.
    22. Fishing is already one of the top methods of making gold. Why does it need a boost? We gonna turn this into just a Fishing Game?
    23. spawn bosses faster? fine. 'alternate ways to get the drops'? No. If You don't fight the boss, you don't get their stuff. Bosses are not offering their stuff on ebay
    24. Ummm... IF Each House takes up a larger space - then LESS players can put down houses. That's just physics. Bad idea. You also can't put down a house and 'enlarge' it later.
    There are other houses and farms set down. You can't just push them out of your way when there is not enough space between you to do the "improvement".
    25. Meh. who cares about islands? theres no benefit to being on an island vs placing a house in a zone in the first place.
    26. Meh. Why? There's enough different styles of boats to cover anything players want to do. Why take 9 packs across the sea in a modified hauler when you can take 20 in a merchant ship?


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