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Thread: Stolen Ayanad anima

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    Stolen Ayanad anima

    I try to find x8 Stolen Ayanad anima pieces this stone for the hiram ring
    Give me 6 points to go watch DS
    I went to all the points in time of war but I cannot find or do not see the mobs that looks like the npc, it leaves the mirage island portal

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    Two mobs appear at the very start of war in Diamond Shores and disappear after 30 mins if not killed. There is one on the east side and one on the west side; it's random which of the three spots on a side it appears in. Once it's killed by somebody, it doesn't re-appear until the next war cycle.

    The dog in the Hereafter Rebellion Dungeon can also drop a stolen ayanad anima.

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