"Chosen One, odd things are happening in the Hiram Mountains. Our scouts report of a stranger near the Gate of Gods and the seal on the Illusion Cave is suddenly weakend. The Hiram Guards call upon your aide once more." - Lewia

Travel to the Hall of Warriors to learn more about the mysterious things happening in the Hiram Mountains, and uncover the story of the False Prophet Calleil in a new questline called "Calleil and the Crown Prince".
This 28 quest long questline is the first of many stories to be told in the Chronicles recorded by Lucius Quinto and focus on some of the less spoken about, yet definitely prominent characters living in Erenor.

To unlock the first quest "Stranger in the Mountains", open the Chronicle Quests UI using Shift+L and pay the required small amount of Gilda Stars and Gold.

Jola the Cursed has been taking extreme measures to achieve her goal of becoming an Akasch herself. As she molted, her scales had gotten thicker and sharper, but it wasn't enough.
Out of frustration, she began eating her own hatchlings, her molted skin, and even the followers of the Akasch that lingered around Serpentis. Anyone or anything that entered her nest fell victim to her hunger. After an extended hibernation, Jola the Faithful had awoken.

○ Upon defeating Jola the Cursed, Jola the Faithful has a chance to spawn.
○ Defeating Jola the Cursed has a chance to drop Improved Leader's Infusions
  • Improved Leader's Infusions can be dropped at any grade between Rare and Epic
  • Improved Leader's Infusions can be used to upgrade World Boss Gear

After acquiring ancient knowledge from Anthalon about the Garden's existence, Meina dreamed of a life in Garden of the Gods. She immediately took journey with Glenn and stood proudly before Kyprosa, the Gatekeeper of the Garden. But no sooner than Meina had reached the doors were her dreams shattered, Kyprosa laid bare the pairs' atrocities and denied the lovers their paradise. Before leaving to return to Auroria once more, Meina and Glenn were granted Kyprosa's grace that should they lead a good and wholesome life, she would open the doors to the couple. Angered by rejection, Meina vowed she and Glenn would do all they could to wreak havok on Auroria and all those in Kyprosa's good graces.

○ Defeating Glenn and Meina has a chance to spawn their tier 2 NPCs.
○ Defeating Relentless Glenn and Vicious Meina has a chance to drop Improved Leader's Infusions
  • Improved Leader's Infusions can be dropped at any grade between Rare and Epic
  • Improved Leader's Infusions can be used to upgrade World Boss Gear

Raid Leaders with more than 1,000 Leadership in the current or previous hero cycle have now the ability to save Raid Rosters, which enable them to also use the new Group Mail function.

Up to 10 Raid Rosters can be saved at the time and each list will remain for up to 14 days, after which it is automatically deleted by the system.
Raid Leaders can create new Raid Rosters using the Raid Info window in-game, but only raids with more than 20 active members can be saved in this way.

Gold distribution among raid members has never been easier!
Raid Leaders have the ability to attach gold to Group Mail, and send it to members of a saved Raid Roster.
Any gold attached to a Group Mail is equally divided by the system and sent to each recipient.

Gem Carvers can be used to change the stats on socketed Lunagems, but not all Carvers can be used for all Lunagems.
An Earthglow Gem Carver: Toughness for example, can't be used to change a Copperglow Lunagem: Brawn, since the Copperglow Lunagem: Brawn is socketed on a 2H-Weapon, while an Earthglow Lunagem: Toughness can only be socketed on a Leg piece.

For details on which Gem Carvers can be used to change what Lunagems, please refer to the chart below:

The Daru have been experimenting with metal (under Dwarven supervision, of course) and have discovered all kinds of unknown knowledge such as how to make cars drive better, take more damage, and look a little cooler! No longer will you drift into that ditch in Silent Forest, well... maybe.

○ Vehicle Customization options are now available for the following models:
  • Small Vehicles: Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift
  • Steamtanks: Wheeled Mortar/ Ironclad / Fire Ironclad
  • Strada

○ New Vehicle Components:
  • Front/Side/Rear Armor: Increases Defense and Magic Defense
    • Black Dragon Front/Side/Rear Armor
    • Kraken Front/Side/Rear Armor
    • Leviathan Front/Side/Rear Armor
  • Chassis: Increases Health (and changes color of Small Vehicles):
    • Small Vehicles: Light Chassis, Heavy Chassis
    • Steamtanks: Steamtank Chassis
    • Strada: Strada Chassis
  • Front/Rear Wheels: Increases Move Speed, Turning, and Traction
    • Performance Tires
    • Precision Tires
    • Traction Tires
  • Engine: Increases Vehicle's Acceleration
    • Supercharger
  • Artillery: Each Component has an individual effect
    • Small Vehicles: Brown Hood, Blue Hood, Red Hood, Rapid Cannon, Front Shield
    • Steamtanks: Enforced Barrel
    • Strada: Strada Cannon, Shatigon Cannon

○ Crafting Recipes have been added to the Carpentry Workbench:
  • Black Dragon Front/Side/Rear Armor
  • Kraken Front/Side/Rear Armor
  • Leviathan Front/Side/Rear Armor
  • Light Chassis
  • Heavy Chassis
  • Steamtank Chassis
  • Strada Chassis
  • Performance Tires
  • Precision Tires
  • Traction Tires
  • Supercharger
  • Brown, Blue, and Red Hoods
  • Rapid Cannon
  • Front Shield
  • Enforced Barrel
  • Strada Cannon
  • Shatigon Cannon
  • Shatigon Cannon Ammo

○ Acquisition of Components and their Crafting Materials:
  • Monsters on Auroria have a chance to drop an Andelph Machine Design Pouch that contains Vehicle Components Designs
  • Black Dragon, Leviathan and Kraken drop essences needed for crafting some vehicle components

○ Other Vehicle Changes:[LIST][*]Vehicle Components can be replaced near a Vehicle Conductor[*]Upgrading Vehicle Components works the same as Ship Components Regrading[*]Vehicle Passengers now receive the Intuition/Protection buff[*]Players will need to use "Intuition" to receive the buff
  • Intuition: Increases Max Health / increases Defense and Magic Defense. Can only be used by the Driver.
○ Small Vehicle Changes:[LIST][*]Removed the "Overheat" debuff from Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift
  • The "Supercharging" skill does not trigger the Overheat debuff.
* Low tier small vehicles (Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, and Apex Squall) cannot be customized and keep the previous specifications.

○ Steamtank Changes:
  • When making a turn, the front wheels of Steamtanks turn and their speed is affected by the angle of the slope they're on.
    • Added the "Upright Vehicle" skill to tanks.
  • Increased the basic damage in Normal Mode/ Siege Mode for Steamtank Cannons, but the projectile now travels slower.