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Thread: Pumpkin Pass: An Honest and Constructive Review

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    Pumpkin Pass: An Honest and Constructive Review

    The pumpkin pass is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to Archeage since the Rumbling Archeum Tree Update in October 2014. Past Archepasses enabled the players to play more, accomplish more, progress more, and as a direct result enjoy the game more.

    The current Archepass lacks weekly labor rechargers. These rechargers are used by players of all types to accomplish more in-game content. Regardless if the player’s objective is to run packs, craft potions, enhance their gear, or build massive mansions, they get it all done through this pass. With the Pumpkin Pass, these are removed, not only in the unpaid tier, but even drastically reduced in the paid tier. This is a cause for less fun across the board for all players.

    On top of this, diligence is now the rarest currency in all of Archeage Unchained. The problem here? Diligence is a key resource for new players to be able to close the gap and become competitive. A lot of new players look at diligence as a key labor resource that allows them to accomplish enough day-to-day content to catch up with the other players who are saving diligence now to purchase vanity items such as mounts. There is a serious lack of this resource in the week-to-week archepass, only allowing players to obtain 12 per week, versus the roughly 162 they were getting prior, was a massive mistake on Gamigo‘s part, and is surely going to lead to the loss of players.

    Let’s take a quick look at the completion rate of the Pumpkin Pass as well. Before, one mission was worth one, sometimes two tiers of the pass. This allowed players to progress quickly through the tiers and quickly through the rewards. Under this system, we were incentivized to actually play on our alt accounts in order to quickly achieve the rewards. With the new system, I’m not only not completing the pass on my alts, I’m barely playing them outside of using their labor. I’m barely interested in the archepass on my main account, there’s no way I’m upgrading my alts to premium when I know I won’t even be bothered to complete the pass on those two extra accounts.

    In short. The Pumpkin Pass is bad, and the designer should be relieved from his/her position. If it's some think-tank that thought of it, get rid of them now. This is the most anti-consumer thing you guys have done with Unchained so far. Not only is it the most pay to win pass Gamigo has given us, it’s also the most underwhelming, slow, and boring pass that we have received. There is no labor included. There is no diligence included. It takes too long to complete tiers, and as a result I can’t even be bothered to attempt completing it on my alts because it’s simply not worth doing on a week-to-week basis.

    This pass needs immediate help for the longevity and health of the game. An easy and quick fix would simply be to multiply the number of received diligence upon task completion by a factor of five. This would give every player, both paid and free, 60 diligence per week. On top of this, give 3 labor rechargers for every fourth task completed. This returns the Archepass to giving 9 rechargers per week as well. If we’re going to be asked to pay every month for a pass, you cannot insult us by giving us a substantially worse pass than all prior ones.

    Again. I reiterate that the Archepass needs immediate hot-fixing. If it remains in it’s current state even for the remainder of this week, numbers are going to drop drastically across all servers. We’re already bleeding players as it is. Please stop the bleed. I have provided a simple solution that can save the pass, and all it requires is some dial tweaking on Gamigo’s end, because they, not XLG, control that system.

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    the servers are almost empty, there are only +- 14 players in the daytime raids. this is not normal, no players=death of the game. gamigo please hear us

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    You said it better than I could have

    Completely agree

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    Just logged to say. I fully agree w/ all these. Pumpkin pass is trash. Not worth it in doing in all the alts. And, btw, WTB server transfer. Deni is dead. I don't want my main char which I spent money from previous archepass just to sit in a dead server. If AA.EN.SEA can do transfer and name changing why not Gamigo?

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    Completely agree - been saving for some gems; and cannot even place them *and* do normal daily things.

    If you're going to force people to log off because they cannot play - then what is even the point?
    What's the point of doing ANYTHING then? Just kill mobs all day for coinpurses I won't waste labor to open? I have 1000s of Garden purses I'll never open and I just deleted like 7k of the gold ones - I mean what is even the point? Do stuff to make gold you cannot even use? It was ALWAYS a mistake to have both making gold AND spending that gold on gear progression use THIS MUCH labor. Especially in unchained. Labor to make/do the stuff to make the gold THEN labor to open the infusions THEN labor to use the infusions I mean?

    Now you literally cut down our resources this extreme amount?

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