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Thread: I made a concept Archepass

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    I made a concept Archepass

    So, on discord I made a comment about being able to make a better pass in an hour while eating and on the phone.

    I was half right, it was 2 hours and I wasn't eating or on the phone, but...


    All the reasons were added over 3 hours the next day, and I did a few minor tweaks at a couple points.

    Primary Goals:
    - Making a fair Archepass I would WANT to buy, and wouldn't feel forced to buy, while encompassing some of the good changes that were made (Autoloot) while tweaking some of them (also autoloot) to better serve what players would want and cared about. I also upped the rewards to more akin to what we were used to prior to the Pumpkin Pass.

    - Making an Archepass which gave meaningful rewards every week, unlike the Pumpkin pass which is.. kind of scuffed.

    I believe I was successful in both goals. I also left enough wiggle room inside of it for Gamigo to make plenty of decisions.

    Things I didn't like while doing this:
    - I was unable to fit things like Resplendent Tempers, Bound Costume/Undies, or Costume Synth Tickets. This was mostly due to the 20 Tier restriction. Were I in complete control, I'd add 5 more Tiers and squeeze in such items.

    For Gamigo: I would buy this Archepass. Every month. Without fail. As would many I know, if you were to release this concept Archepass as is, a lot of the damage done by the Pumpkin Pass would be repaired, especially if you followed the same style moving forward.

    For People reading this, I'm open to constructive feedback on the matter, if you have some criticism on a Tiers reward, by all means share it! Hopefully we can help Gamigo fix the mess they made

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    I think you point out one of the issues with the current pass, is that you can't really fit enough good rewards in it since it takes so much XP to get a level. They're increasing the amount of missions we can do per week, but the old system was just vastly superior in this sense.

    I want to see a return to the old system as much as anyone else, with proper premium rewards that anyone would be more willing to buy (Such as demonstrated by my suggestions to a Cosmetic Diligence Coin and such in another forum thread). If we have to stick with the current system these suggestions are fine, I just worry that it would become scuffed by month 2-3 for some other reasons outside of our control anyways. My trust is gone with the company, so I don't expect them to hold onto a good idea for very long.
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    I am not sure if I think some of the rewards are too much, but for the most part they stay within the range of the old Archpass. It is a very well thought out concept. I love the way you explained why each item should be awarded on each step. I would definatly approve this Archpass and I would spend my money on this concept.

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    I love this pass; it makes sense and I would buy the premium in yours HAPPILY not just because *idk how I can even play - I HATE THIS!*
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    The best Archepass-concept i've seen so far. The premium version dont feel p2w at all - its just some nice pay to convinience. Rly hope Gamigo will take inspiration from it and hotfix their Pumpkinpass!

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    This is a good arch pass model. I'm not going to inject my "third opinion" to reorient attention. This model, or models similar to it, needs 100 percent focus. Gamigo has a problem with getting caught up with 100 different opinions and creating a bad product. We all need to back behind one thing. This looks like it had a good amount of work behind it and is at least better than what we have now. I back this.
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    This is already much better than the current AP we have.

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