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    ArcheAge: Unchained EU and NA Maintenance - November 12th

    Hello everyone,
    The scheduled weekly server maintenance will be on Thursday the 12th of November, the downtime is expected to last 5 hours for NA and EU.

    The times for this maintenance are as follows:
    EU: 8:00am UTC
    NA: 5:00am PDT

    Changes this Maintenance:
    • The Rise of Nehliya is here. When Patch Notes are available, they can be viewed here. You can view our WIP Patch Notes here.
    • Rock'n'Scroll Event has returned.
    • Shadowguard Festival has begun.
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    ce qui donne ? encore un mode rng ou tu passe 50ans avant d avoir les bonne stat merci

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    why you never publish patch notes before the update like KR does. Here is nothing to hide, every person can go to korean DB and read with translate what changed in 7.0.2

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    Rock'n'Scroll Event doesn't work, no scrolll for 2 h connected

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    Rock n Scroll

    also no Scrolls for beeing ingmame for more than 2 hours. And the char was not on instances!

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