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Thread: Fishings Rods

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    Fishings Rods


    Someone told me that fishing rods no longer expire. It's true?. I have crafted one and it already says Expired.

    It was one of the things I didn't like when I started fishing at the start of the game. I just wanted to know if it's true. Or if after two hours the fishing rods are useless and it is necessary to make a new one.

    My current fishing rod it is blue and i spent a lot resources and time crafting it thinking it is for ever. But i am doubhting atm.

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    Yes the rods are permanent now. You only need an item (a lure) to reactivate them and then you can sportfish again for 2 hours. Bait fishing is possible the whole time. Any recent fishing guide is able to tell you more about the changes that have happened over the years.
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