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Thread: Which Eu- server have biggest online?

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    Which Eu- server have biggest online?


    i had been never play on eu- old-servers archeage. I'm interesting - Which Eu-server have biggest online?

    I couldn't create topic in new player questions bcs i havn't account with 15+ lvl pers on old eu-server. Sorry.

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    Alexander has most players in EU.

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    Stelifan, man i mean FTP version. Not unchained.

    this topic in ftp-forum for old servers.

    http://forums.archeagegame.com/forum...ropean-Servers - Jakar/ Taris/Ezi

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    i had created pers 15 lvl. I think that Jakar has biggest online. I tryed to play on all 3 servers.

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    I agreed, Alexander has the most players in Europe!
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