Some days ago Gamigo prevent us about an "event" in mail with the newsletter (Keep Up with our Newsletter!). They sended mail yesterday at 18:00 CEST. Sadly they didn't take into consideration the delay between each sending. It means on one email i got it at 18:13 CEST, another one at 18:24 CEST and the last one at 18:46 CEST.
In this email you will be able to get 750 credits but at 18:13 CEST it was already over because only 150 players could have these credits (knowing that i was on my email and i saw directly the mail at 18:13 CEST so it was impossible to get credits).

So my question is do you think this kind of event is fair/unfair ? and should they stop do limited players event in mail ?

It could be nice to have someone from Gamigo to say something about that on this thread !