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Thread: Friendly Reminder: Farming Alts in Arenas is NOT Allowed

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    Friendly Reminder: Farming Alts in Arenas is NOT Allowed

    With the new event that started today giving out gold from the arenas, there has been multiple players posting for 'main' and 'alt' teams for arenas, with the stated intention of farming those alts for the reward.

    Per iArches on 07-30-2019:

    To clarify, farming your alts in arena is not allowed. If you see this happening, please send a ticket.

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    I queued and queued to get in the snowball arena and cant shouldn't be like that.

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    Back when Trion Worlds ran the show this was not something they enforced and they were open about it. There are/were some quests everyone did with their alts in there. Perhaps Gamigo has a different stance but I do not see this being enforced. Let's prevent alts from choosing our Heros, or messing up our Halcy where in impacts a large number of people.

    To clarify: logging in alts and queuing for arena is not an exploit. It's normal gameplay when players are allowed to own multiple accounts, and run as many alts as they like. That said, there comes a point when abuse of a certain system is determined to be exploitive. Once that threshold is met, it's actionable. Gamigo has the tools to determine that.

    A small group of people will do this, and they will profit as the event allows. Really don't see them going after anyone.

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    I hope they'll make new Fresh Start with 1 account rule. Get rid of alts. This will solve stupid problems like this and much more.

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