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Thread: Free credits in mail, unfair ?

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    Free credits in mail, unfair ?


    Some days ago Gamigo prevent us about an "event" in mail with the newsletter (Keep Up with our Newsletter!). They sended mail yesterday at 18:00 CEST. Sadly they didn't take into consideration the delay between each sending. It means on one email i got it at 18:13 CEST, another one at 18:24 CEST and the last one at 18:46 CEST.
    In this email you will be able to get 750 credits but at 18:13 CEST it was already over because only 150 players could have these credits (knowing that i was on my email and i saw directly the mail at 18:13 CEST so it was impossible to get credits).

    So my question is do you think this kind of event is fair/unfair ? and should they stop do limited players event in mail ?

    It could be nice to have someone from Gamigo to say something about that on this thread !

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    Its unfair for sure. Still haven't got the email myself or any of the progress emails. Checked multiple times that i'm signed up for them and checked junk folder etc, never get anything ; ;

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    Havent gotten my progress-letter for this month yet :P
    But normally I do recieve the letter. Its not in my spam-folder either.

    And yes that "event" sucks.
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    I'm kind of leaning toward fair, as it isn't something restricted behind a paywall. It's more like a raffle that is free and everyone could potentially earn. With it being the same chance for everyone I think that makes it fair in my opinion.

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    I got an email from them but could not redeem the prize, meh

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