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Thread: You are getting really, really far away from your "no P2W" promises.

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    You are getting really, really far away from your "no P2W" promises.

    AAU P2W.jpg
    Just in case the picture isnt showing correcty:

    Tell me what in those screenshots are "cosmetics only" as you promised when AAU launched.
    Quick reminder :
    "What is going to be in the marketplace for Credits?
    Credits will be the currency you can acquire with your real money. With this currency, you will be able to acquire the premium tracks of the ArchePasses or cosmetic-related items. Some of the items you can acquire via Credits are cosmetic furniture for your houses, Salon Certificates, Glider or Costume images, and UCC (User Created Content) items."

    Now lets talk ArchePass.
    Quick reminder again :
    "ArchePass: What is that?
    The premium track of the pass, only obtainable via purchasing an Upgrade Token for Credits for 1500 Credits, contains cosmetic items such as costume images or dye tickets. This premium track will be the best way to acquire additional cosmetic items. If you choose to upgrade a free ArchePass to the premium version, after already unlocking several rewards on the free track, you can still claim the premium rewards for those tiers."

    I am not going to spend my life taking screenshots of the current prenium ArchePass. I'm only taking the Darugon prenium ArchePass as exemple here, even if every other prenium ArchePass give the same kind of advantages. 3 Serendipidy stone (worth 90 000 honor), Migration Scale (worth 100 Kyrios Badge), 250 extra Dili coins, 50 Labor Recharger, everything the "old" free ArchePass had to offer for gear improvement such as Hiram Infusions, Items Tempering box, Luna Charms, Elixirs, Synthium shards, Auroran Synthesis box. And ofc, the Darugon, which is only obtainable by buying the prenium ArchePass.
    Are those things "cosmetic only" ?

    I'm not going to spend my life at looking at everything that is making your game P2W. But you guys are already far away from your promise of no P2W in AAU.
    AAU's marketplace is getting really close to AAL's marketplace. The main difference for now is that those items are bound to the buyer. For now.
    When are you planning to sell APEXs on AAU?

    I really deeply hope you will change all of that and will go back to your promise. I love ArcheAge. I spend many years in AAL until all those P2W features finaly broke me. Now you are doing the same on AAU.
    If you dont, then be ready to lose more and more players everytimes you add more P2W content.

    Peoples are probably going to troll me on this post, it's part of ArcheAge community after all. It's fine. I wish you a lot of fun at doing so, until ArcheAge EU/NA servers has to close because they simply can't sustain it due to peoples leaving the game.

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    AechePass is not a real big problem. That is simple optional subscription with big rewards. This is not the problem. The problem came from "freedom". You can use many acccounts without real limitations. You will have 3 legal accounts THAN you can trade = you can buy items, materials and power without real effort in game. Nobody will check your "gifts". Nobody will say that potato was very expensive in 10k gold price. You can hire labor slaves in private and in "legal" form too (crafting requests). You can use lands of your "friends" and you will get advantages in production and in proficiency (and in profit). 1 Archepass* ACCOUNT will change huge problem in this system. This system turned of limitations. You invest more money = you can "Buy" power. And this is not fun anymore in big scale.

    And (in other side) Publisher/developers gave us to big advantages. We got "fresh start" server with "Catching that 6 years old advantage of older players" mechanism. We got many high-end tech/life skill materials/items. We got full dwansdrop set, proficiency boost, beanstalks, mushroom houses, solar-lunar-stellar-orbital-universe-kingsize-atom-OtherMarketingPhrases tax cheater farms, cars, haulers, extra money rewards, extra insane gear upgrade materials, many labor hammers and insane amount of resources to buy more hammers (or this high-tech items), Buff and regen consumables . JUST STOP IT! Let players play the game instead of chose all options without consequences! Slow down progression! Turn off catch up mechanism, turn off daily/weekly big quest rewards, don't inject insane amount of resources and items to the game (=let players use in game economy!)!. Ok this is too late in "Fresh "servers (aka 18-19k GS in 6-10 month servers). Maybe in the next new server.

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    Well I didnt knew about those quick start servers since I never went in there.
    This is indeed quite unfair knowing they will now be merged with "normal" servers.
    However, this isnt the base subject, even if there is clearly an issue with those fresh start servers.

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