It's time to set your sights on brand new horizons! Stop the Akasch Invasion (releasing March 25) with our Pre-Order Packs, and defend Erenor at all costs, Adventurer! Wield powerful firearms with the brand-new Gunslinger Skillset, look fearless in new attires with powerful companions by your side who will protect you on your ventures.

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Akasch Invasion Pre-Order Packs
Purchase the Akasch Invasion Pre-Order Packs starting March 15 and receive:

The exclusive pre-order items will not be available in the Packs that are available after the pre-order period. Additionally, the Akasch Invasion Pre-Order Packs will only be available through the Glyph Store.

The Akasch Invasion Pre-Order Packs are available until March 25, 2021. Make sure to grab your pre-sale exclusive items before they become unavailable!