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Thread: Land Rush and Hieronimus problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambaredolas View Post
    @Methylene: Are you a low bait troll?

    The land rush on AAU EU took place today (almost 8 hours ago) and AAU NA will take place in little over 1 hour.
    The land rush on AA legacy will take place next Saturday.
    Nothing related to land rushes will take place in 2-3 days.

    What you describe is exactly what a successful landrush on a merged server looks like. Having open spots after a merge simply means that there are still too few players.
    I agree that it is hard for everyone who is unable to attend the land rush, but land will open up again over time.

    It's not nice, but such is life. As you know the problem is as old as the game. Simply paying for access to the game does not guarantee you can enjoy all of it.
    I know the problem is as old as AA, I have been through it several times.
    I also know that paying to enter a disco does not guarantee fun inside. But the disco managers make sure not to let in more people than the premises can accommodate.
    It seems to me that this problem in AA could be solved by adding new places for homes. Or opening 1-2 new maps, no storyline, only for houses. There are 2-3 maps on nuia and haranya that are unavailable since the beginning of aa, and they probably will never be opened. And they could help defuse the problem.
    I am also surprised that after a few landrushes they did not implement the solution where in the first 3 days everyone can build one house per server. Another later. This would also level the chances of all players at the start.
    For me at the moment, the matter is simple: if I cannot fully enjoy the AA game, I will go to another game and spend my money there. It's a pity because I love AA with all its flaws and ills.
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    agreed.that land rush should restrict to 3 lands per account.you can imagine how frustrating when a homeless person see someone bragging about having 18 premises in faction chat

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    They could also make all properties one size - say 24 x24. If they did this, they could lay out the housing zones with a ' snap to ' effect, preventing players from having so much wasted space between their properties, and allow more players to build homes.

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    Limit 3 parcels of land to one Account will not help. They make alts then.

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    Wait 3 month. There will be plenty of land again

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    What they should have implemented is a cool down after a property is placed. For example if you place down a full kit, you need to wait 24 hours until the next property can be placed. This would help simulate the times it could take to build a property from a design and allow others a chance to put down their first property.

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    Hello il n'y as plus personne la haut qui surveille le jeu.

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