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    Patch Notes - Akasch Invasion

    The Akasch Invasion has begun! A brand-new zone has opened up for all adventurers - the Ipnya Ridge. Filled with ruins, this zone represents not only what was but what's to come. Travel to the Ipnya Ridge through a narrow path in Mysthrane Gorge, but tread carefully, as danger awaits around every turn.

    Utilize brand-new weapons, become more powerful, and learn more about the Akasch and their plans. These and more in the latest update to ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

    The land that is known as home to the Ipnya has finally opened from Mysthrane Gorge - the Ipnya Ridge. This Temperate and Tropical land served as the hub city of the Ipnya before their magic faded and their city disappeared. It's said that ruins can be seen of what once was, but among these ruins is what appears to be newly built Akasch structures, meaning only one thing: Nehliya was not the only Akasch presence that has surpassed through the barrier.
    The enemy presence in this area is quite strong, it's recommended that adventurers are between Ancestral Level 30-32 to assist in clearing out any hostile presence within the Ipnya Ridge. The presence of the Akasch is not to be taken lightly, be prepared for anything, especially for a fight.

    Brace yourself for a fight like never before. The Akasch have broken through the seal keeping them in their alternate dimension and are invading the Ipnya Ridge! The Akasch Invasion has begun, it's your chance to fight back and save Erenor. Without careful coordination, the Akasch will win and their presence will be detrimental to all. Please keep in mind, there is a limited number of faction members that can be present during the Akasch Invasion as well, so make way for your strongest!

    ○ The Akasch Invasion will occur every Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30PM UTC for EU and 2:30AM PDT for NA during Peace in the Ipnya Ridge and lasts 40 minutes.
    ○ When the Akasch Invasion begins, World Gates will appear in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate to allow all players to join the fray and a scoreboard will be displayed when arriving in Ipnya Ridge.
    ○ The beginning of the Akasch Invasion will be foretold with various noticeable changes throughout the Ipnya Ridge regions and the early formings of a Dimensional Rift.
    ○ Once the Akasch breakthrough, you will need to defeat the Akasch by reaching a total of 15,000 points before the Akasch take over the Ipnya Ridge. The first to reach the goal will be the winner.
    ○ Players can grant points by:
    • Completing Akasch Invasion Quests, grants 3 Points
    • Killing Akasch Monsters during the invasion, grants 180 points.
    ○ The Akasch will gain points too, depending on the amount of control within regions as well as defeating players. Akasch will earn points when:
    • Defeating a player, the Akasch faction will be granted +5 points
    • Claiming an area, the Akasch faction will gain +6 points for every 5 seconds for 1 minute.
    • For every minute after the Akasch claims an area, their points gained is increased by 2 per second.
    ○ If the players successfully defend against the Akasch Invasion, an Invasion Victory Merchant will spawn in the Cragtear Scars that will trade unique items for Akasch Tokens and a buff will be provided to all players in the Ipnya Ridge until the next Akasch Invasion.
    ○ If the players fail to defend against the Akasch, a debuff will be placed on all players in the Ipnya Ridge and their influence will make powerful world bosses such as the Kraken, Charybdis, Leviathan, the Black Dragon, and Nehliya even stronger until the next Akasch Invasion. Additionally, the Invasion Victory Merchant will not spawn.
    ○ In the event there is a draw, no effects will take place.
    ○ 125 Nuia, 125 Haranya, and 50 Pirates can participate in the Akasch Invasion at once.

    Akasch Invasion Quests

    Vice-Captain Minos has a request for you - there is an Akasch Invasion ahead and it needs to be handled swiftly! Once Peace falls upon the Ipnya Ridge on Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 9:30 PM server time, the Akasch will begin their attack. Complete 17 new quests during the Akasch Invasion and be rewarded with Akasch Token Crates and put 3 points towards the scoreboard for each quest completed. These Akasch Invasion quests begin with talking to Vice-Captain Minos at the Ethereal Haven or Leika, Marrak, and Galiora in the Crimson Watch Camps around the Ipnya Ridge!

    Akasch Token Merchants

    Two new types of Merchants now inhabit Erenor that exchange useful items for Akasch Tokens. Akasch Tokens can be acquired from defeating monsters within the Ipnya Ridge, completing Akasch Invasion quests, defeating Scrying Eyes, and examining Arcane Spheres during the Akasch Invasion.
    The Akasch Token Merchant Jerri resides inside the Ethereal Haven. Players can purchase each item available by the Akasch Token Merchants once per day, and this cooldown resets at midnight server time. Jerri offers the following items:

    The Invasion Victory Merchant Laffi is summoned after defeating the Akasch Invasion and only has 3 items of the items listed. Only one item can be purchased per day like the main base Akasch Token Merchants and the cooldown resets at Midnight server time. The merchant has the potential to offer the following items and is located in the Cragtear Scars:

    Ipnysh Wardens Ardios and Lauryla have sensed something much bigger than Nehliya is coming after her emergence. With a belief that other Ipnysh Wardens may be present, they invite you to the Ipnya Ridge in search of other Wardens. Convinced a new war is in Erenor's immediate future, more warriors will need to be assembled. A new era is coming, Nehliya was only the beginning.

    Learn more about the Ipnya, the Akasch, and what lies ahead in the latest Main Story Quests! This questline dives in-depth to the past and what may be coming in the future in the form of 37 Main Story Quests! Your journey begins with Ardios at the Crimson Watch Camp within Mysthrane Gorge and requires that you have completed the Main Story Quests within Mysthrane Gorge to begin.

    Sudden tremors in Karkasse Ridgelands are causing great damage to the local towns and the peaceful Brownscale Wyrkim tribe seems to suffer from hallucinations that are turning them violent. While most organizations already accepted these changes as a simple case of unpredictable beasts showing their true nature, some long-term residents and scholars fear a much greater threat might be at work. Assist Estio of the Crimson Watch, Historian Artena, and Researcher Aranbot on their journey to reveal the truth behind these unusual changes and dive deeper into the lore of the ancient Nuon race, which is rumored to have vanished shortly after their victory against the mighty dragons that once roamed these lands.

    The chronicle “The Nuon Dragon War” introduces 41 new quests, which can be unlocked via the Chronicle Quests UI (Shift+L) and rewards a unique title for those who follow the story to the end. After unlocking the chronicle, Vice-Captain Armas will be ready to brief you on your first task at the Crimson Watch Camp in Reedwind.

    The Gunslinger Skillset has arrived. This skillset utilizes ranged weapons to damage from afar and can utilize the brand-new Rifle weapons. This skillset can be combined with other skillsets to create 66 brand-new classes! This skillset comes with 11 active skills, 6 passives, and combo actions to keep your adrenaline built and your enemies punished.

    Please note: To utilize this skillset on ArcheAge: Unchained you will need to use the Gunslinger Tome found in the Akasch Invasion Packs.

    Rifle Weapons

    ○ Rifles were added, a new Ranged Weapon.
    ○ Explorer's Rifles are now obtainable through Story Quests and Explorer's Ranged Weapon Crate.
    ○ Unidentified Hiram Guardian 1H Weapon now has a chance to grant the Hiram Guardian Rifle.
    ○ Added 29 crafted Rifle Items:
    • Added Cloaked Illustrious Rifle, Illustrious Rifle Scroll, Magnificent Rifle Scroll, Epherium Rifle Scroll, Delphinad Rifle Scroll.
    - Illustrious Rifles can be acquired by uncloaking the Cloaked Illustrious Rifle.
    - Magnificent Rifles are acquired by awakening the basic Illustrious Rifles.
    - Epherium Rifles are acquired by awakening Grant Magnificent Rifles.
    - Delphinad Rifles are acquired by awakening Unique Epherium Rifles.
    - Ayanad Rifles are acquired by awakening Celestial Delphinad Rifles.
    • The recipe for Awakening materials for these rifles is similar to the existing 1H Weapon awakening material recipes.
    ○ Erenor Rifle can be acquired by crafting with the awakening materials and Divine Ayanad Rifle
    • Can be awakened to Radiant and Brilliant with Erenor Awakening Scrolls
    ○ Added 2 Honor Rifles:
    • Honor's Frightful Rifle
    - Purchased from Weapon Merchants
    - Can be upgraded to the Honor's Mighty Frightful Rifle by crafting with 5 Blood Archeum Crystals.
    • Honor's Mighty Frightful Rifle
    ○ Added 14 Dungeon Rifles:
    • Bloodthirst Rifle has a chance to drop from Aria in Mistsong Summit
    • Supreme Bloodthirst Rifle is obtained using a Legendary Bloodthirst Rifle and a Mistsong Awakening Scroll
    • Disciple's Rifle has a chance to drop from Abyssal Alexander in the Abyssal Library or can be obtained when awakening the Legendary Bloodthirst Rifle with the Abyssal Library Awakening Scroll.
    • Radiant Disciple's Rifle is obtained when awakening the Mythic Supreme Bloodthirst Rifle or the Mythic Disciple's Rifle with a Disciple's Awakening Scroll.
    • Immortal Warden's Rifle has a chance to drop from the Reinforced Taurus in Ipnysh Sanctuary
    • Skullpiercer Rifle has a chance to drop from Prince Hieronimus in Burnt Castle Armory
    • Bursting Skullcrusher has a chance to drop from Lost Prince Hieronimus in the Greater Burnt Castle Armory.
    • Serpent Bite has a chance to drop from Ancient Titan Musperosa in Howling Abyss
    • Venomous Serpent Bite has a chance to drop from Ancient Titan Musperosa in Greater Howling Abyss
    • Ominous Dread has a chance to drop from Sirothe the Infernal in Serpentis.
    • Bloodletting Bite has a chance to drop from Rotten Flesh Golem in Hadir Farm.
    • Baneful Bloodletting Bite has a chance to drop from the Rotten Flesh Golem in Greater Hadir Farm.
    • Fire-Bursting Rifle has a chance to drop Salphira's Avatar Akmit in Greater Palace Cellar.
    • Brinekissed Rifle has a chance to drop from Dahuta in Sea of Drowned Love.
    ○ Added 6 World Boss Rifles:
    • Enraged Red Dragon's Bite has a chance to drop from a Red Dragon Pouch or can be crafted at a Proven Warrior Workbench.
    • Berserk Red Dragon's Bite is acquired by awakening an Enraged Red Dragon's Bite with the Red Dragon Awakening Scroll.
    • Wrathful Black Dragon's Bite has a chance to drop from the Black Dragon or can be obtained by awakening the Berserk Red Dragon's Bite with the Black Dragon Awakening Scroll.
    • Ferocious Black Dragon's Bite can be obtained by awakening the Wrathful Black Dragon's Bite with the Elite Awakening Scroll or an Improved Elite Awakening Scroll.
    • Soulslake Bullet has a chance to drop from Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation.
    • Eminent Soulslake Bullet is acquired by awakening the Soulslake Bullet with the Elite Awakening Scroll/Improved Elite Awakening Scroll.

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    Sunglow Lunagem Additions

    ○ Added new Sunglow Lunagems for Gunslinger:

    ○ Added Sunglow Lunagem Carver: Collateral Damage
    • Converts any of the socketed Sunglow Lunagems into a Sunglow Lunagem: Collateral Damage

    A new system to further enhance your character has been added - the Ipnysh Artifact system. This system allows players level 50 and above to enhance their Character Equipment Slots. To access the Ipnysh Artifact UI, open the Character info window (C) and click on the Ipnysh Artifact button in the top right.

    Enhancing Equipment Slots

    To begin enhancing, select any equipment slot to open the Ipnysh Artifact window. This UI will display the slot's attribute type, the experience required to level the slot up, and the effects that can be gained in the process. At the bottom of this UI, there is a dropdown menu for the materials that you can use to begin enhancing the slot. If the material's attribute matches the slot's attribute, 100 XP will be granted. If the material's attribute doesn't match, it will only grant 45 XP towards the enhancement. Once the slot is enhanced, it will affect any equipment placed within that slot such as increasing gear score and the equipment's stats. The effectiveness of the enhancement depends on the type of equipment, but the effect will always be displayed in the tooltip of your equipped item.

    Various Materials have been added to aid in the enhancement of equipment slots. The following materials can be purchased for 70 Akasch Tokens at the Akasch Token Merchant:

    Using a Demigod Essence increases the synthesis XP gained and decreases the gold consumed in the enhancement process. The Demigod Essence can only be used if the attribute type matches the enhancement material and can be crafted at the Territory Crafting Workbench using 100 Radiant Hiram Infusions.

    When an Equipment Slot's XP bar reaches 100%, the button on the right is activated allowing players to upgrade to the next level. Upgrading equipment slot levels requires the proper rank of Ewan's Rune. While some Ewan's Runes can be purchased from Akasch Token Merchants, they can also be crafted using Serpent Scales that drop from the monsters within Ipnya Ridge and the previous Rank of Ewan's Rune.

    Artifact Effects

    After reaching a high enough slot level, a random stat will be granted from a list of artifact effects. To view the full list of available stats, click the magnifying glass in the Ipnysh Artifact UI. In the event an undesirable effect is obtained, it can be changed to a randomly selected alternate stat from the list, using a Bound Serendipity Stone. There is no limit to how many times the effect can be changed, but once the button is clicked, the action can't be reversed.

    Set Effects

    Unlock additional benefits after upgrading multiple equipment slots with the Set Effects! After opening the Ipnysh Artifact UI, the button in the top center will grant you access to the Set Effect UI. Set Effects can be unlocked by reaching a certain level with all slot types.

    Rank 1: 12 Ipnysh Artifact Weapon Levels, 28 Ipnysh Artifact Armor Levels, and 12 Ipnysh Artifact Accessory Levels +2000 Max Health and +1000 Max Mana
    Rank 2: 21 Ipnysh Artifact Weapon Levels, 49 Ipnysh Artifact Armor Levels, and 18 Ipnysh Artifact Accessory Levels +750 Physical Defense and +750 Magic Defense
    Rank 3: 30 Ipnysh Artifact Weapon Levels, 70 Ipnysh Artifact Armor Levels, and 24 Ipnysh Artifact Accessory Levels +500 Toughness and +200 Resilience

    The Set Effects, unlike the Artifact Effects, cannot be replaced or changed and can be stacked.

    The foes within Erenor have become stronger and more merciless. In an effort to defend the lands against the Akasch, the Ancestral Level cap has been increased for all players. The maximum Ancestral Level has increased to 70, so players can achieve more power than ever before. Use your improved attributes to take the fight to the Akasch and save Erenor!

    ○ The following effects on World Boss Weapons have been adjusted:

    Additionally, the following balance changes were made to gear:
    ○ Improved the synthesis effects of 2-handed weapons
    ○ Slightly improved the synthesis effects of Brilliant Erenor Equipment
    ○ Added a changeable synthesis effect to certain Erenor Equipment
    ○ Increased all Attack and Healing power of 2-handed weapons

    The following adjustments have been made to Ships and their components:
    ○ Turtlecraft
    • The maximum amount of passengers has been increased from 20 > 30 players
    • The cooldown of Phase Shift has been decreased from 30 sec. > 20 sec.
    • Roof Damage now deals 5% Damage per second as opposed to 1000 Fixed Damage.
    ○ Eznan Zephyr Square Foresail
    • Adjusted the effects of Threat Detection: Front
    • Receiving Siege Damage increases the ship's Move Speed and decreases Received Siege Damage according to the Grade of the Foresail.
    ○ Eznan Zephyr Square Mainsail
    • Adjusted the effects of Threat Detection: Rear
    • Receiving Siege Damage increases the ship's Move Speed and decreases Received Siege Damage according to the Grade of the Mainsail.
    ○ Lutesong Zephyr Square Foresail
    • Increased the Reverse Speed and Turning Speed
    • Under the effect of Furled Sails / Unfurled Sails the Turning Ability is increased according to the Grade of the Foresail.
    ○ Lutesong Zephyr Square Mainsail
    • Increased the Reverse Speed and Turning Speed
    • Under the effect of Furled Sails / Unfurled Sails the Turning Ability is increased according to the Grade of the Mainsail.
    ○ Naval Cannon
    • The Damage Range has been increased from 4m > 6m
    • The Min. Damage and Max. Damage have been increased for all Grades
    ○ High-Speed Siege Cannon
    • The Cooldown has been increased from 1.5s > 2s
    • The Damage Range has been increased from 4m > 6m
    • The Min. Damage and Max. Damage have been increased for all Grades

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    A brand-new equalized arena has arrived: Halcyona Skirmish. Halcyona Skirmish will be available for a limited time during the day and can only be entered 5 times a day by characters level 30 and above. All participants will have equalized skills and equipment levels in the instance. All pre-existing buffs and debuffs will be disabled inside this arena and return to you when you go back to Erenor. If your character has the following debuffs, you won't be able to enter the arena: Trial-related debuffs, Prisoner, and Overburdened. The minimum participant number is 20 while the maximum participant number is 50. The more, the deadlier. The Top 10 players will be crowned the winners.

    Before the battle begins, there will be a Standby phase and during this phase, all participants will be in stealth and can move around the map freely. During the same phase, all participants will choose one of the equipment options given to them. Once the Standby phase ends, the battle begins in 60 seconds.

    During the arena match, you will be able to use Arena Potions and with each PvP kill, you will gain stacks of arena buffs which increases your Arena Potion use by +1. If a participant is killed, the final ranking is calculated based on the number of remaining survivors at the moment. The arena ends when there is only one survivor left! When down/defeated, the character's XP and equipment durability are not affected. Additionally, all chat options will be disabled within the Arena, the only thing talking will be your weapon.

    To win in this deadly arena, you must survive until the very and be the last one standing. There are no teams, no partnerships. Every moving thing in the area is your enemy. This is the survival of the fittest! Battle in this arena lasts only for 15 minutes and the arena will have an area debuff named Grudge Veil. As the timer counts down, this debuff will periodically reduce the area in the arena and if you stay in the Grudge Veil zone, you are going to take significant damage. If you don't move quickly and be careful, you will meet your great demise sooner than you thought!

    In the event players try to go against the nature of this Arena by banding together, they will be branded a coward, punished severely, and called out to everyone within the instance. Punishments include the removal of any bonus benefits, inability to use potions, summoning your mount, and more.

    You cannot use Teleport Books and other personal items in the arena. Only the arena glider and mount provided can be used.

    Participants will find Forgotten Treasure Chests scattered across the map. These chests can grant one of the following effects:

    ○ Basic Effects - Each stack of the buff grants effects (up to 10 times):
    • All Attacks and Healing Power +3% / Attack Speed +55 / Cast Time -5%
    ○ Random Effects - One random effect from the following is granted:
    • Grants stealth for 40 seconds / Move Speed +50%
    • Increases all Attacks and Healing Power +20% for 3 minutes.
    • Arena exclusive potions +1
    • Grants an area exclusive glider: Last Flame.
    • Grants an area exclusive mount, Lost Halcyona Steed.

    A brand new way to compete against other people from your faction. Just form your parties and duel!

    To request a Party Duel, you must form a party and find another party to duel against. The Party Duel function is available only if players are in a Peace zone, in their faction controlled zone or in a festival zone. Perfect places for a friendly competition! Party Duel requests can only be requested or accepted by party leaders. Once the request is sent and accepted, a duel flag spawns in the middle of the participants and the Party Duel begins after a 3 seconds countdown. If anyone leaves the party or the party is disbanded, the duel gets canceled. After the Party Duel begins, the two parties can attack each other.

    You can't request a Party Duel if you or your opponent(s) is not in a Party or if anyone is in combat. Also, if the party leader or the members of the party are far away from the Party Duel range, it can't be requested or accepted. During the duel, a Party can be converted to a Raid.

    Participants can be kicked or excluded from the Party Duel in such cases as; leaving the duel area, being offline, taking damage that drops a duel participant's health below 0. Once a participant is kicked or excluded from the duel, they can't rejoin the duel and have to wait until the current one ends to rejoin.

    The Party Duel ends when all members of at least one Party are defeated. If the combat lasts for too long, it ends with a draw.

    The Akasch Invasion update brings another function that could help you shorten your travel times! With the new Hero Respawn Point feature, your faction will be able to use another Respawn Point in a zone.

    For this new Respawn Spot to be activated, a faction hero needs to interact with a Nui Priestess. This can only be done once per zone for 15 minutes. Once a Hero Respawn Spot is activated, the owner faction's flag will be hung. Your faction hero can also claim one of the hostile faction's respawn spots in the zone. In this case, the other faction won't be able to use this point until it's taken back. So be careful, they might come for it!

    A Hero Respawn Spots may be unavailable in such cases as:
    ○ If a zone does not have 2 or more respawn points assigned for a faction.
    ○ If a faction has two respawn points in a zone, and one of them is claimed as a Hero Respawn Spot by another faction, the first faction’s only remaining respawn point cannot be claimed as Hero Respawn Spot.
    ○ Two factions can’t claim the same respawn point as their Hero Respawn Point.
    ○ Conflict/War time respawn points assigned to each faction can’t be claimed as a Hero Respawn Spot. (Previously claimed respawn spots before Conflict/War will be removed as the zone cycle updates.)
    ○ If a zone is in festival mode.
    ○ If a zone has an on-going entry restriction.
    ○ If a zone is under siege.

    The number of attempts to activate a respawn spot changes according to each Hero Rank. Heroes from a weaker faction have 2x more attempts than heroes in a stronger faction. These weekly attempts reset every Sunday at midnight server time.

    When your character dies, you will see a popup window displaying two options: While one is will be the default option, the other option will be your faction's currently active Hero Respawn Spot. If you respawn at a Hero Respawn Spot, you don't get the "Rebirth Trauma" debuff and receive a better Nui's Consolation buff. The regular and the special respawn share the same cooldown of 300 seconds.

    Zones with available Hero Respawn Spots:

    The Rotten Specialties Merchant is a brand-new NPC that buys low-profit specialties that have been abandoned. They can be found in both Nuia and Haranya, but only one appears per region at a time. Helio travels through Nuia while Sherman will travel throughout Haranya.

    A tutorial quest is available with the Rotten Specialties Merchant, it is mandatory in order to trade with them. Doing this quest will give you access to the Specialty Preservation Bag and can only be completed by players level 30 and above.

    New items have been added:
    ○ Specialty Preservation Bag
    • Can be purchased for 1 copper from General Merchants
    • Used to create a Full Specialty Preservation Bags
    ○ Full Specialty Preservation Bag
    • Acquired by filling a Specialty Preservation Bag with a Rotten Specialty
    • Can be sold to Rotten Specialty Merchants for some Gold
    • Disappears if dropped for 30 minutes
    • Requires having completed the Tutorial Quest "Rotten Specialty"


    For completing all achievements, you get the special title "Trash for Treasure" as well as a special icon. Time to show off that someone's trash was your treasure! It keeps on coming as you will get a gift for your hard work after completing "Rotten Specialty Trader" achievements. You will also receive a gift for completing the Achievement that contains 3 Gilda Stars, 1 Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5, and 1 Bound Vocation Hastener Scroll for your hard work!

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    Achievement hunters, there is a new challenge for you! New Costume Achievements have been introduced, giving everyone a chance to show off their sense of style and become the true Fashionista they're meant to be. Each costume must be equipped to count towards the Achievements, and the completion of each achievement grants a unique title to match and a reward. As always, completion of all Achievements will grant its very own achievement with a very valuable reward.

    The new Costume Awakening Scroll allows for the awakening of synthesis costumes and can only be crafted and used by those who have completed the Fashion Icon Achievement. The details are as follows:

    ○ Costume Awakening Scroll
    • Costs 300 Labor and 1 Costume Awakening Scroll to awaken a synthesis costume
    • Allows the use of a brand new Costume Skill
    - Restores 10% of Max Health and Mana over 10 seconds
    - Immediately restores 100 Labor
    - 60 minutes cooldown
    - Can't be used during combat
    This scroll can be acquired by completing the "Fashion Icon" achievement collection or requires 200 Torn Costume Awakening Scroll and 1 Scroll Restoration Potion to be crafted. Torn Costume Awakening Scroll can be obtained from the General Merchant for 1 Gold a piece. Scroll Restoration Potions can be purchased from the Marketplace for 200 Diligence Coins for ArcheAge: Unchained servers and 200 Loyalty Tokens for ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers.

    Ever want to spend your night as a Nuian, a fortnight as a Firran, or a week as a Warborn? Introducing the Race Change Elixir, this brand-new consumable gives you the opportunity to mix up your looks by changing your race appearance temporarily!

    ○ Race Change Elixir
    • Change your appearance from 1 day up to 365 days (depending on the type of elixir)
    • Must have completed the "Suspicious Elixir" quest from the Faction Representative
    • Must have completed the quest "A Secret in Sun's End"
    • You cannot use the Race Change Elixir if you've already changed your race appearance

    The elixir will give you the default look for your new appearance, but you will also receive a 1-Day Salon Certificate via Mail so you can personalize your new appearance to your taste! If you wish to return to your original race appearance, you can revert the changes and go back, but please be aware that it will consume all remaining days on your Race Change Elixir.

    Please note: This elixir won't change your character's gender, the actual race, or faction, and race-specific benefits will not become available.

    ○ The following skills were updated:
    • Defiance now has the effect to cancel "Taunt" and "Shaken" debuffs.
    • Swiftblade's Target skill damage has been reduced to 50% from 60% (Max reduced to 100% from 120%)
    • Swiftblade's Fleeting Footsteps added the Swiftblade Skill Mana Cost -60% effect.
    • Swiftblade's Sinister Strike Skill no longer can trigger the combo for 4 seconds after the Impale duration is increased.
    • Occultism's Crippling Mire (Gale) duration was reduced to 6 seconds from 8 seconds and the range was reduced to 15m from 25m. Added the Maximum Range +10m effect if the caster is using Steady Shooting or Deadeye.
    • Sorcery's Arc Lightning has had its Skill Damage reduced by -7%
    • Witchcraft's Purge duration decreased to 5 sec.
    • Archery's Deadeye had the pull immunity removed.

    ○ Changed the Leather Armor Equip effect to the following:
    • Evasion +3%, Bow Skill Range +3m (except for Gunslinger Skills), Gunslinger Skill Damage +3%, Takes a great amount of Damage from Slashing.
    ○ New mount Obsidian Steed was added to the Arena Shop
    • Gallant Obsidian Steed can be acquired by using the Gallant Steed Anima on the Obisidian Steed
    ○ New Fences and House Designs can be purchased on Mirage Isle
    ○ Crime Points can accumulate up to 18,000 Points
    ○ Updated the Loot Acquisition Rules:
    • In the event the main Raid/Party who contributed the most to the even disbands, the next character or group will acquire the loot - as opposed to previously where everyone in the raid/party lost their right to loot.
    ○ Jola the Faithful has been rebalanced
    • Removed the Health Regeneration
    • Decreased the number of lightning strikes on the players in a sheep form
    • Decreased the effectiveness of the buffs the boss acquired during combat by -30%
    • Decreased the amount of Health regenerated from Orb of Temptations by -33%
    ○ The following Blue Salt Brotherhood Quests were updated
    • Horta's Strong Wheel - changed the crafting labor cost to 800
    • Risk and Reward - grants a Wooseok's Box
    ○ Added a new system message that displays the Hero Respawn Spot’s personal Cooldown and the Activation Remaining Time.
    ○ Removed the weight from Superchargers
    ○ Improved the Vehicle Component Tooltips to specify all relevant vehicles
    ○ Placed new NPCs, Leah and Arrin in Nuia and Haranya Faction Base
    • These NPCs provide tutorial quests for existing characters so they can be complete tutorial quests
    ○ Added guide texts on the ArchePass UI for ArcheAge: Unchained
    • • Character can save up to 6 incomplete ArchePasses at once
    ○ Added a dedicated shortcut setting to activate the 4th and 5th shortcut bars.
    ○ Added the Skillset Level 50 and Skillset Level 55 Achievements for Swiftblade and Gunslinger.
    ○ Explorer's 1H Weapon Crate no longer grants an Explorer's Bow.
    ○ The early Main Story Quests grant an Explorer's Ranged Weapon Crate, instead of Explorer's Bow, allowing players to choose between a bow and a rifle.
    ○ The following changes are made to the Labor system:
    • Updated the terms for Labor types: Account Labor -> Offline Labor, Server Labor -> Labor
    • All types of Labor regeneration and restoration fill up “Labor.” This Labor can only be used on the server.
    - Consuming items and using Labor regenerating furniture.
    • Increased the Labor Cap: Labor/Offline Labor - 5,000/0 - If the current Labor is larger than the cap, it will maintain as-is
    ○ Updated Marketplace item descriptions
    ○ Patron Updated - Restoring Labor while online-only restores "Labor".
    ○ Ingame texts mentioning the Labor system or Labor regeneration have been updated.
    ○ Gold Cap on certain systems has been increased.
    ○ Added a new trade route in Solis Headlands
    ○ Removed or adjusted the old Player Nation respawn points in 6 Auroria zones.
    ○ Players can prepay taxes based on their remaining days of Patron
    • Each payment requires 5 days of remaining Patron, if none the prepay option will not be available
    • When selling a building, prepaid taxes are reset and not returned to the seller nor are they transferred to the buyer
    ○ Added 6 new bundles of marine plants
    ○ Added the Base Price per item when creating a crafting request
    • The listed price must be equal to or higher than the base price per item
    ○ Added Cooldown information in the tooltips for Abyssal Library and Ipnysh Sanctuary armor.
    ○ When interacting with a Faction Statue using the "Statue Construction" skills grants Honor Points instead of the "Contribute Cargo skill"
    ○ The Bow Category in the Equipment Ranking now says "Ranged Weapon" which will show Bow and Rifle users
    ○ Added a new Vehicle's Music Volume control in Settings in Sound
    ○ When a Vehicle's music is playing, the zone background music will be paused
    ○ Changed the "Suspicious User" report UI design
    ○ Change the Mobilization Order Popup Window Design
    ○ Changed the Construction and Drydock dialogue designs
    ○ Changed the Skill Combo UI Design
    ○ Improved error when characters have insufficient gold/currency
    ○ Removed the color highlight of Leadership on Hero Candidate Ranking
    • UI will not highlight the current Character's Information on the list
    ○ Removed the Exit button from the instance re-entry popup
    • Players will now be automatically kicked if the re-entry expires
    ○ Improved "My Record" to be more visible on the Instance/Arena Result
    ○ Added 1-minute countdown when a Team invitation is sent out
    ○ Added the "Max" button to UIs so that maximum value can be entered more easily
    ○ Added a 10-second Cooldown when switching to Bloodlust Mode
    ○ Added a guide text about ArchePass Completion on the ArchePass Basic Reward popup UI
    ○ Decreased the XP gain from killing monsters in the Fall of Hiram City Instance
    ○ Festive Yaer Sleigh can be displayed on a Car Display Stand
    ○ Expanded the neutral Ground in Heedmar Trade Outlet
    ○ Updated the border of Whalesong Harbor and Mysthrane Gorge due to the addition of Ipnya Ridge
    ○ Added a new Teleport Scroll that moves players to Ethereal Haven in Ipnya Ridge.
    • Can be acquired from quests available from Akasch Token Merchants.
    ○ Added new mount, Asteria, rewarded for completing the Main Story Quest.
    ○ Colliding with shipwrecks does not cause Damage.
    ○ Added achievements for reaching Ancestral Level 60, 65 and 70
    ○ Added the building rotation feature to workbenches, farms, and silos.
    ○ Improved the crafting bundle production time to 1 second from 10 seconds.
    ○ Added the Instrument Chest as an achievement reward
    ○ Added 6 new marine plants bundles to the Farmhand feature
    ○ Adjusted the balance for the content-generating Territory Income
    • Territory Income can accumulate up to 200,000 Gold
    ○ Added 5 new loading screen images featuring the Ipnya Ridge
    ○ Characters with the Away tag can no longer use portals
    ○ Part of Mirage Isle is updated
    ○ Added a new coinpurse to be accounted to the ArchePass for the "Open Coinpurse Mission"
    • Librarian's Coinpurse
    • Scholar's Coinpurse
    • Dean's Coinpurse
    • Zealot's Coinpurse
    ○ Added a new item, Costume Awakening Scroll, to General Merchants
    ○ During standby in the Drill Camp Arena, participants can't move around in the instance
    ○ With the latest update, your farmhands can now grow Seed Bundles.
    • Farmhands grow more Seed Bundles than when planted on a farm.
    • Growing Seed Bundles through Farmhands is 10% longer than on farms.
    • Labor cost is the same when growing on Farms and Farmhands.
    • Yields from Seed Bundles don't change, the chance to yield extra remains.
    ○ Zealot Coinpurses have been added
    • Zealot's Coinpurse is dropped by monsters in Ipnya Ridge
    • Requires 120 Labor to open and grants a random amount of Gold.

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    ○ Fixed an issue where monsters from a purified Auroria Zone could drop a discontinued quest item
    ○ Improved the guide texts displayed when unbinding a Farmhand
    ○ Fixed an issue where Nehliya would take Damage while she was standing on the Planar Portal
    ○ Fixed an issue where casting Stone Insidious Whisper and Stone Bubble Trap would not trigger their buffs in certain situations
    ○ Fixed an issue where Homing Hexes from the Witchcraft Passive would not be applied to Stone Insidious Whisper
    ○ Fixed an issue where Flame Magic Circle effects were not applied to the 2nd-5th hit of Gods' Whip
    ○ Fixed an issue where effect descriptions were incorrect in the Terrifying Roar tooltip
    • Shackle -> Snare and Slow
    ○ Fixed an issue where the quest "Lead the Golden Plains Battle" was not complete if the character died in the instance.
    ○ Improved the popup texts when a character attempts to re-enter an instance via Team UI.
    ○ Fixed an issue where crafting a Sweet Sorrow would increase Weaponry proficiency.
    ○ Fixed an issue where characters with the Participants buff could not re-enter the instance
    ○ Fixed an issue where auto-crafting could be paused if the character stacked Product Time Reduction more than 100%
    ○ Fixed an issue where players take damage from the Turtlecraft's spikes in a peace area but couldn't attack the ship

    ○ Ipnysh Warden Timbo has taken up the hobby of cosplaying in some cutscenes as a form of defiance against him being roped into work on his week off.
    ○ The Gunslinger Skill "Splinter Shell" does not destroy Healing Circles.
    ○ Some Gunslinger Skills unlock at different levels than what is stated in the tooltip
    ○ The Gunslinger Skill "Trigger Happy" Shoots more shots than the description states
    ○ The Gunslinger Skill "Blight Bolt" does not stack Adrenaline
    ○ The Gunslinger Skill "Roomsweeper" does not stack Adrenaline under Fight or Flight
    ○ ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained players are unable to prepay taxes for more than a week regardless of patron time
    ○ New ArcheAge: Unchained players are not regenerating labor despite owning the basegame.
    ○ ArcheAge players are missing their Patron buff in-game despite their cycle appearing as active in Glyph

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