The Akasch Invasion has begun! A brand-new zone has opened up for all adventurers - the Ipnya Ridge. Filled with ruins, this zone represents not only what was but what's to come. Travel to the Ipnya Ridge through a narrow path in Mysthrane Gorge, but tread carefully, as danger awaits around every turn.

Utilize brand-new weapons, become more powerful, and learn more about the Akasch and their plans. These and more in the latest update to ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

An opening in Mysthrane Gorge will bring you back to a land filled with ruins of the ancient hub city where the Ipnysh once thrived. Traversing the ridge will be anything short of easy. While the ruins of the Ipnya remain, new structures of Akasch origin have appeared that can only mean something sinister is coming.

Experience 37 Main Story Quests to take you through the Ipnya Ridge. Alongside Ardios and Lauryla, you will begin your search for more Ipnysh Wardens and form alliances with warriors to back you for an upcoming skirmish not yet seen before in Erenor.

Assist Estio of the Crimson Watch, Historian Artena, and Researcher Aranbot on their journey to reveal the truth behind the unusual changes within Karkasse Ridgelands. Rumored to have vanished shortly after their victory against the mighty dragons that once roamed these lands, dive deeper into the lore of the ancient Nuon race.

The Ipnysh magic keeping the seal stones intact is weakening, providing the Akasch an opportunity to invade Erenor. Once the dimensional rift is open, life, as we know it on Erenor, may change forever if we can't stop them.

A brand new skillset is now available, adding 66 brand-new classes! Alongside its arrival are newly introduced Rifles as a new ranged weapon type. Bring your foes to submission from a distance in a method never before seen in Erenor.

Also added is a brand new system that allows you to power up your character equipment slots! Flex those muscles and gain even more stats; self-improvement is the way of the future.

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