Plushie in ArchePass
Just wanted to say that I really loved the Plushie in the ArchePass premium (Wrapped Darugon). My main got the cute pirate one, while one of my alts got Narayana and the other got the Jack-O-Lantern one.

The farmhand has made life easier for me, specifically when trying to grow trees for alchemy/cooking items and not having to spend so much time on the farm plucking the fruit/leaves. It also means I don't need so much farm space. I'm happy that it saves me so much time in the morning before work. No more gathering from 50+ trees for materials.

Crafting Request Board
When I played Legacy, I never really embraced the Crafting Request Board, but we have so many helpful folks in-game, who take the time to explain. I love it! Great way to also level my proficiencies.

Auction House
The idea of sharing the Auction House across the servers has really helped. I was on a struggling server, and it was difficult to find or even sell items due to the low population.

Free Rewards
I loved the free rewards you gave us over the holidays and recently. I loved looking forward to 1 new freebie a week.

I really appreciate adding costumes to the diligence shop. Now I give myself an allowance each month and am able to buy the costumes that I want - but I always felt guilty about it. Now, I am very happy to see that others can save up diligence and get costumes they like also.



Log In Rewards
I miss the log-in rewards from Legacy. Not the same as ArchePass but just small little perks. Nothing tradable or giving anyone an edge.

Craftable Scrolls and Books
Some of the freebies and event items (Easter Egg) would be nice to be craftable in the game. They gave buffs and were very nice. They could be crafted as tradable or even bound.

Craftable Indoor (small) / Outdoor (lg) Flower Pots
We love our housing decorations and many love the colorful flower beds and butterfly bushes. However, what about something like this but as a flower pot that we can sit inside our home or on our front porch and large ones for our yard we can put a group of flowers or a tree in (similar to the Cherry Blossom Decor).

Craftable Lights
I love the lights in the shop, and love the Halloween ones, but what about the ability to craft them - and/or lanterns that stayed on all the time.

Refresh of Furniture Designs / Themed Furniture to Craft
Really like to see a refresh for the furniture designs in the game and love for you to add themes - like for the bungalows, for holidays, etc. Be nice if we had patterns for these items to craft them in the game.

Crestable Legion Uniform
Create a uniform that we can create a guild crest for and color.

Farmer's Cushion
It would be nice to have a cushion for Farmers similar to the Elite cushion, which summoned an NPC which combined the Seeds & Saplings Merchant and Livestock Merchant.


I love playing this game but for me, it's a blend of farming, crafting, building, and doing content (which includes PVP). I want folks who cannot buy from the shop to be able to have the ability to save up diligence and have the same things, but there has to be a way to earn more diligence w/o using real $ - and at the same time locking this down more, so there is no edge (nothing is tradable, not even items crafted with anything from the shop).

Thank you ~